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Seals manufacturer to tell you that the characteristics of fluorine rubber type O sealing ring

by:ORK      2020-08-02
Type O sealing ring, widely used in many rubber, fluorine rubber is one of the more commonly used material, then what is the distinguishing feature of fluorine rubber seals type O sealing ring? Fluorine rubber type O sealing can imagine to be incompressible, with increase of surface tension & other; High viscosity fluid & throughout; 。 Whether the mechanical structure of the mechanical pressure around, or by the pressure of the hydraulic fluid transmission, this & other; High viscosity fluid & throughout; In the groove & other; Flow & throughout; , form & other; Zero space & throughout; , or prevented by sealing fluid flow. elastic compensation for manufacturing and assembly tolerances, its material internal elastic memory is vital to maintain the seal. Fluorine rubber seals type O sealing ring has very excellent chemical corrosion resistance, acid resistance, alkali, ketone, ester, ether, strong oxidizer, the vast majority of chemicals such as general use temperature range for the - 25~240 ℃。 Some special fluorine rubber available to 320 ℃. Fluorine rubber seals type O sealing ring is suitable for the hydraulic oil, synthetic oil, lubricating oil, fuel oil, gasoline, etc. , but its drawback is that the price will be relatively high. Also has a lot of fluorine rubber in variety, variety performance also has a certain difference, when choosing so suggest you consult a seal factory, inform the operating mode, in order to select the right material. Seal 17 years of experience in research and development production, can according to customer demand for customized suitable seal, welcome consulting.
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