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Seals Shopping Guide

by:ORK      2022-11-13
We recommend that you try to do as much as possible when purchasing seals: Provide real samples, so that merchants can measure the material, measure the size, and provide the most accurate product. Provide drawings or pictures, and indicate the product name, material, shape and size of the required product. For example, when ordering a gasket: specify the name of the gasket (such as spiral wound gasket, with outer ring), material (such as #316 steel), size (outer diameter of the outer ring)×Outer diameter of winding part×the inside diameter of×Winding part thickness×Reinforcing ring thickness (mm); Gasket size representation method: Basic type 1——outer diameter×the inside diameter of×Thickness (mm) With inner ring 2——outer diameter×the inside diameter of×Inner ring inner diameter×Thickness (mm) With outer ring 3——Outer ring diameter×Outer diameter of winding part×the inside diameter of×Winding part thickness×Reinforcing ring thickness (mm) With inner and outer ring 4——Outer ring diameter×Outer diameter of winding part×Inner diameter of winding part×Inner ring inner diameter×Winding part thickness×Reinforcing ring thickness (mm) Provide working conditions. For example, the use temperature, pressure and corrosiveness of the medium, maintenance conditions, environmental requirements, price costs and other information are provided to the merchants, and the merchants can provide real samples according to the needs of the working conditions until the customer has a successful trial. For gaskets used at flange connections, if the dimensions cannot be specified, be sure to confirm the form of flange connection: flat flange (including flat flange with raised table); concave-convex flange; tongue and groove flange. At the same time, it is also necessary to confirm which country and which standard this flange applies to. How to use and purchase seals reasonably? The medium, temperature, pressure and working conditions should all be important factors. For example, when the working pressure is not large, use plastic flanges (PN<In the case of 6kg), if you choose a harder seal, such as F4 or metal material, leakage will occur due to improper material selection, and if you use graphite material, you will achieve better results due to the flexible special effect. ,vice versa. For another example, in the working environment of chemical media, it is necessary to reasonably match different sealing media to achieve good results, otherwise unpredictable chemical changes will easily occur. Therefore, any inconsistency in the selection of seals will lead to unimaginable consequences. The common structural forms of gaskets are as follows: 1. Most of them are used for flange connections. Gaskets, flat metal gaskets, special metal gaskets, etc. b. Spiral wound gasket: with outer ring or with inner and outer ring (mostly used for convex-type flat flange); with inner ring (commonly used for concave-convex flange); basic type (without inner and outer ring), special for grooved flange The sealing surface is narrower, and on the flat-welded full-plane flange, the sealing surface is wider, which is equivalent to a spiral wound gasket with inner and outer rings. It is necessary to pay attention to which country and which standard the flange is. 2. Various packings are used for rotating and pulling shaft seals. For example, flexible graphite rings (open and non-open), packings (or packing rings) woven from various materials, inner and outer skeleton oil seals, YX rings and O ring manufactures of various materials. 3. Sealing products for special parts. Commonly there are various sealing strips, PTFE ball valve seats, graphite rings and rubber butterfly valve rings, etc. Precautions when installing seals: 1. Do not force installation Some seals are placed in the grooved stuffing box. It needs to be installed tightly, and the construction should not be rough and brutal. Forcibly installing the seal will inevitably destroy the original prefabricated structure of the seal. This is like breaking the prefabricated concrete and filling it into the required parts, which will inevitably lead to disaster. The installation of this type of seal must be very careful and careful, and the embedding must be carried out step by step; 2. Pay attention to balance and symmetry during installation. Place the seal at the position that just closes the effective sealing surface (or lip line). After the system is put into use, further observation and aftermath work of tightening the seals are required to prevent the collapse caused by micro-leakage due to changes in working conditions (such as pressurization) during the working process of the system. 3. Do not damage the sealing surface or sealing line on the surface of the seal. The sealing performance of the flat seal depends on the upper and lower end faces; the sealing performance of the hydraulic seal depends on the lip line associated with the hole or shaft. It is composed of special materials that are vulnerable to damage such as temperature-resistant, corrosion-resistant and aging-resistant graphite, rubber seals, plastic, and fiber. Therefore, special protection and care need to be given in the process of handling, installation, and storage. Once damaged, it is often It will leave a lot of hidden dangers to the sealing parts; the best way to keep the seals: 1. Anti-aging, light-proof, moisture-proof, placed flat, away from cold and heat sources; 2. Do not apply pressure to keep the seal in a natural state of relaxation, and do not apply external force to change its Physical shape; 3. 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