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by:ORK      2020-08-06
Silicone seal is the use of some features of materials through processing the internal porosity of a sealing strip. Silicone sealing strip by microwave curing process a molding, the surface is bright and clean and beautiful, no lines. Has good elasticity and compression deformation resistance, ageing resistance performance of silicone seal features: 1. Portable light, strong toughness and has strong toughness 2. Low thermal insulation thermal conductivity, excellent heat preservation 3. The independent air bubble structure, water imbibition water imbibition low 4. Buffer shock resistance, 5 can be used as buffer material. Weather resistance weather resistance. EPDM sponge by ozone resistance test ( 50pphm*40。 C * 72 hours) Silicone sealing strip purpose: 1, packaging materials, Precision machinery, medical equipment, furniture, glass and other transportation cushioning material with safety cushion, small appliances, etc. ) 2, civil, building, House with big board caulking material, doors and Windows sealing material for residential use, concrete shrinkage with liner material, open channel waterway caulking materials, all kinds of civil building caulking materials, etc. ) 3, vehicles, ships, Door seal material and seal the luggage storehouse material, hood, cushion, all kinds of pipe sealing material, thick seam of lamps and lanterns, engine, instrument of the buffer shockproof materials and sealing materials, etc. ) 4, heat insulation, heat preservation, Cooler and air conditioner using insulation sealing materials, refrigerators and freezers insulation sealing materials, etc. ) 5, sound insulation, moistureproof, All kinds of mechanical equipment noise proof sealing material, residential sound barriers of sealing material, all kinds of electrical appliances waterproof sealing material, all kinds of mechanical equipment the seal materials, etc. ) 。 Above article is silicone sealing performance and use, want to know more about the silicone seal, can focus on the seal's official website, also can call customer service hotline 24 h: articles from seal products website, reprint please indicate the source
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