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Selection of hydraulic seals

by:ORK      2022-11-01
Hydraulic working pressure The main problem with low pressure systems is the tightness and friction characteristics of the sealing device. The lip seal ring is difficult to stick closely to the contact surfaces of the two seals at low pressure, and the seal is not tight; once the rigid seal is greatly deformed, the low pressure is not enough to eliminate the residual deformation, which will have an adverse effect on the seal; in the low pressure state, the friction The force becomes a large load, and the friction force changes continuously during the movement, causing the system to creep and become unstable. The main problem of the high-pressure system is the extrusion of the sealing ring. The extrusion is affected by the shape of the sealing ring, the hardness of the material, the extrusion gap and the working temperature, which should be considered comprehensively. To prevent jamming, the extrusion gap should not be too small. It is generally necessary to set an O-ring at high pressure. When the hydraulic components are subjected to high pressure and high frequency impact loads greater than 35MPa, a buffer auxiliary seal should be set in front of the seals to protect the seals and improve sealing and durability; Burning the sealing ring leads to leakage, so the hydraulic cylinder should be exhausted as much as possible. Temperature The use temperature of the seal mainly depends on the bearing temperature of the material, generally -50~150°C design is to understand the temperature performance of the material and select it according to the operating temperature. Excessive temperature accelerates the aging of the material, causing the pressure resistance of the seal to decrease. If the temperature is too low, the elasticity of the material will be reduced, the shrinkage will reduce the amount of interference, and the contact pressure of the sealing surface will decrease, resulting in leakage. Movement speed The maximum speed of the reciprocating seal is limited by friction and wear. The movement speed of the rubber seals O-ring does not exceed 0.5m/s; the Y-type can reach 1m/s. ~7m/s; reciprocating seal, easy to crawl at low speed. Crawling is mainly affected by the friction characteristics of the seal, and the design is to fully consider the friction problem. Generally speaking, the low-speed performance of lip seals is better than that of extruded seals. Working frequency Working frequency refers to the length of continuous working time of hydraulic and pneumatic components. The working frequency is high, pay attention to the influence of temperature rise on the material, and design a cooling device if necessary. When the working frequency is extremely low, the surface of the friction pair is prone to adhesion, which increases the friction force and aggravates the wear of the sealing ring. Stroke The reciprocating stroke is low, if it is less than 5cm, it is easy to cause poor lubrication and cause heat. The problem that causes abnormal wear of long-stroke seals is that the bending of the piston rod and the cylinder barrel, the eccentric eccentric load can easily cause the eccentric wear of the seal, and it is affected by the surface roughness, so the machining accuracy of the sliding surface, the thickness of the coating, etc. related to seal wear. Eccentric and vibrating seals are in an unstable contact state with the relative friction surface under the condition of eccentricity and large vibration. If the followability of the seal to the relative friction surface is insufficient, it will cause leakage. The followability is largely Depends on the elasticity of the material. The surface roughness of the friction pair is large, which accelerates the wear of the seal and reduces the life of the seal. , Y-ring, V-ring, combined seal O-ring: easy installation, low price, the working pressure is greater than 7MPa, the retaining ring must be configured. The service life is shorter than that of the lip seal, and the machining accuracy is high. Y-ring: The service life is higher than that of the O-ring, and the sealing performance and the ultimate pressure after using the retaining ring are better than the O-ring. In the event of leakage, only the pressure ring needs to be adjusted without replacing the seal. Performance index of dustproof ring: 1) Simple structure, easy disassembly and assembly; 2) Working speed is not more than 1m/s; 3) Working temperature: -30~110℃; The movement is stable and the sealing working pressure of the hydraulic cylinder is improved. The guide support ring of the piston part is generally made of synthetic resin with low friction coefficient, wear resistance and high hardness. such as polytetrafluoroethylene. Retaining ring The retaining ring is placed behind the sealing device to prevent the gap of the rubber seals sealing ring from being bitten. The retaining ring is composed of high hardness material and should also have a certain elasticity. Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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