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Service life of sealing ring

by:ORK      2022-11-12
The 21st century is in a period of vigorous development of natural gas, and natural gas will become the world's primary energy source. City gas is closely related to people's lives. The gas pipe network is the lifeline of city gas, and the rubber sealing ring is one of the main accessories of the gas pipe network. With the construction of the West-East Gas Pipeline, the natural gas will be converted from artificial gas and liquefied petroleum gas to natural gas in major and medium cities in my country. Therefore, the study of quality conversion is of great significance to the service life of the rubber seals sealing ring. 1. The basis for the prediction of the service life of the rubber seals sealing ring As the rubber sealing ring of polymer material, during the use process, the stress relaxation is generated due to the installation and compression, and the aging reaction is generated due to the corrosion of the medium, which affects its service life, so we put the rubber seals products. From production to final use, the entire process is regarded as a chemical reaction process. According to the chemical reaction principle, the relationship between the reaction rate constant and temperature is a theoretical lifetime reaction equation. K=Ae-E/RT In the formula: E-aging reaction performance activation energy (J/mol) A-coefficient R-gas constant (J/mol)·k) T-aging temperature (absolute temperature K) Company website:
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