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Seven questions and answers about pneumatic sealing of hydraulic seals

by:ORK      2022-11-02
Hydraulic seals are an important application field of seals, and the pneumatic seal of the seal ring is an aspect that people pay more attention to. Here are some questions that people often encounter in hydraulic and pneumatic seals: 1. What is hydraulic pressure Seal? Answer: Hydraulic seals are rubber seals parts used in hydraulic cylinders to avoid leakage of hydraulic medium. A complete set of hydraulic seals should include dust rings, guide support rings, piston seals, tie rod seals, static seals, and O ring manufactures. Common piston seals and tie rod seals have Y/YX rings, V-rings, step seals, and Gree rings. According to the direction of the sealing medium, it can be divided into one-way seal and two-way seal. The material performance of hydraulic seals is a key factor in determining the sealing cycle. The traditional materials are nitrile rubber seals and polyester polyurethane, and polyether polyurethane materials with excellent performance have been widely used. 2. What is the hydraulic sealing system? Answer: The hydraulic sealing system refers to all the dynamic seals included in the complete set of hydraulic cylinders, usually including dust rings, guide rings, piston seals, tie rod seals, and O ring manufactures. 3. What is the general principle of hydropneumatic sealing? Answer: A seal ring with sufficient strength is set between the cooperation gaps of the parts. The seal must be elastic enough to embed and fill any unevenness on the sealed surface, while maintaining sufficient rigidity to avoid being squeezed into the surface gap under the high pressure of the medium. The elastic sealing body is deformed by compression loading, maintains the contact stress, adheres closely to the sealed surface, and squeezes into all microscopic pits on the sealing surface. If the pressure of the sealing medium is less than the contact pressure of the elastomer to the outer surface, the leakage cannot be formed. Company website:
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