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Several factors affecting the aging of rubber O-rings

by:ORK      2022-11-09
Several factors affecting the aging of rubber O ring manufactures A) Oxygen: Oxygen in the plastic O-ring passes through the molecular structure of the vulcanized rubber seals to produce a dispersed chain chain reaction, and the molecular structure chain is cracked or excessively chemically cross-linked, resulting in the function of the plastic O-ring. Modifications. Chemical action is one of the key factors in the aging of plastic O ring manufactures. (B) Active oxygen: The chemical activity of ozone is much higher than that of oxygen, and its destructiveness is higher. It also cracks the macromolecular chain, but the effect of active oxygen on rubber products varies with the degree of plastic deformation. When used as a plastic for deformation (mainly unsaturated fat plastic), a crack that is perpendicular to the action of the internal stress occurs, that is, the so-called“Active oxygen cracking”; When used on deformed plastics, only the surface layer forms an air oxide film without cracking. (C) Heat: Advance temperatures can cause pyrolysis or thermochemical cross-linking of plastic O ring manufactures. However, the basic effect of heat is still the active effect. The oxygen loosening rate and active redox reaction are carried out before, and then the redox reaction rate of rubber seals products is accelerated, which is also an aging phenomenon - thermal oxygen aging. (D) Light: The fewer the electromagnetic waves, the greater the kinetic energy. It is the ultraviolet light with higher kinetic energy that destroys the plastic O-ring. In addition to the drying and chemical cross-linking of the plastic macromolecular chain caused by ultraviolet rays, the plastic generates a dispersing base due to digestion and absorption of concentrated light, which causes and accelerates the air oxidation chain reaction process. The internal and external light plays a heating effect. Another feature of the light effect (different from the heat effect) is that it grows on the surface of the oak. For specimens with high glue content, mesh cracks will occur on both sides, that is to say“photofissure”.
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