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Several simple identification methods of raw materials of rubber products

by:ORK      2022-11-07
Vulcanized rubber seals can be divided into two categories, namely traditional rubber materials and thermosetting plastic polyurethane elastomers. materials include natural rubber and styrene-butadiene rubber. SBR is divided into general-purpose vulcanized rubber and special styrene-butadiene rubber. Talk about several simple identification methods for a rubber seals product. Although the overall goal cannot be limited, at least it can be limited to 2-3 kinds of raw materials. Smell, pinch with fingers, ignition method, quantitative analysis 1. Ignition method Take a small amount of test sample and burn it in the air. Check the status. Generally speaking, fluororubber, CR, CSM are self-sustaining, and even if the flame is lit, it is much smaller than the general NR and EPDM. Naturally, if observed, the lighting conditions, hues, and flavors will also reveal a lot of information to people. For example, NBR/PVC and glue are used. When there is an open flame, the fire splashes, as if there is water. The mysterious fire extinguishes itself, and the smoke is thick and smelly. It must be noted that sometimes the glue with halogen-free flame retardant but no halogen bulb will also extinguish itself, which depends on further inferences from other methods. 2. Substance resistance weight gain test It can sample from the finished product, soak in one or several selected substances, take the weight after a certain temperature and time, and infer the type of raw material according to the change rate of net weight and intensity. For example, after soaking in Baidu automobile engine oil for 24 hours, the quality and strength of NBR, fluororubber, ECO, CR have little change rate, while NR, EPDM, SBR have more than doubled their weight and their strength has changed, and their volume has increased. Remarkably. 3. Warm air embrittlement test Sampling from the finished product, put it in the aging box to embrittle for one day, and observe the condition after embrittlement. It can be graded and gradually warmed up by embrittlement. For example, CR, NR, and SBR are all brittle fractures at 150 degrees, and NBREPDM is also ductile. When the temperature rises to 180 degrees, NBR will generally brittle fracture; at 230 degrees, HNBR will also brittle fracture, and fluorine rubber and silicone rubber still have very good ductility. 4. Measure the ratio Use an electronic scale or an electronic analytical balance, which is accurate to 0.01 grams. Add a glass of water, and a hairline is enough. Generally speaking, the proportion of fluororubber is relatively large, above 1.8, and the proportion of CRECO is above 1.3. It can be considered as this kind of glue. 5. Ultra-low temperature method Sampling from the finished product, using liquid nitrogen and alcohol to create a suitable ultra-low temperature natural environment. Soak the test product in the ultra-low temperature natural environment for 2-5 minutes, and feel the hardness and softness level at the selected temperature. For example, at -40 degrees, silicone rubber and fluorine rubber are very good in heat, acid and alkali resistance, and silicone rubber is softer. Most of the above methods can be done in one or two of the above methods, which is more convenient. Comprehensive analysis of the results of various methods can usually select the approximate range of rubber seals species, which is also a very good analysis proof for infrared, elemental analysis and other methods. Based on work experience or the application work status of the product, people can further narrow the overall target category. If you have a standard, you can design several types of secret recipes to make samples and send them to customers for inspection.
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