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Silicone rubber seal with excellent temperature resistance

by:ORK      2022-10-31
Silicone rubber seals sealing strip has excellent temperature resistance In daily work and life, we will use silicone rubber sealing strip for daily sealing, which can not only prevent air infiltration, but also can be customized. At the same time, the silicone rubber sealing strip has strong anti-ultraviolet and ozone properties. Under normal circumstances, the factory will put an appropriate amount of vulcanizing agent into the rubber according to the secret recipe, so that the factory will put the silicone into the rubber seals refiner for mixing, and cut it into strips. At this point, the worker will open the extruder and cooling water gate valve. At the same time, the sealing strip will enter the barrel of the extruder, and the sealing strip will move toward the head; during this process, the cooling device will control the melting temperature of the sealing strip. When the temperature reaches the standard, the equipment will complete the melting of the sealing strip in a reduced form. Since the silicone rubber seals sealing strip not only has strong anti-ultraviolet and ozone properties, but also has excellent temperature resistance, these remarkable characteristics make the sealing strip widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, food, electronics, machinery and other manufacturing industries .
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