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Silicone rubber sealing ring is more airtight

by:ORK      2022-10-31
Silicone rubber sealing ring is more airtight! Because of the diversity of the sealing ring, it has been widely used in a variety of temperature and vacuum pump applications. Not only does it improve sealing properties, it also makes it easier to assemble and disassemble. The raw materials of the silicone rubber seals sealing ring are EPDM, EPR, butyl and PVC due to the compatibility of the gas oil produced by the gas and the lubricating grease. Silicone rubber sealing rings are mainly used for moisture-proof sealing and refrigeration of daily utensils such as sealed cans, rice cookers, vertical water dispensers, lunch boxes, insulation boxes, insulation boxes, cups, household ovens, magnetized cups, and coffee machines. This material has a very good practical effect on the characteristics of the sealing ring. It is often seen that the applied silicone rubber sealing ring has a service life. It is limited to raw materials and the natural environment of application. Generally, it needs to be damaged after two years of application. If the application standard is more extreme, it is very likely that it will be completely scrapped in many months. So how to improve the service life of the sealing ring? The first is the raw material, the sealing ring made of the faster silicone rubber raw material. Its mechanical properties, tensile strength, and resilience are all very strong. Food grade silicone. The sealing ring made of such raw materials will have a longer service life than ordinary silicone rubber, and the actual effect will be stronger. Then comes the production process. Silicone rubber raw materials are turned into silicone rubber seals through a series of production processes. Whether the rubber seals smelting and adding fillers have very good smelting, whether the total proportion of various fillers is appropriate, and whether the net weight of the refined raw materials is accurate. Is it good or bad after molding? After forming, whether there is any defect in the production and processing of the edge, check whether all the defects are picked out. All of these will jeopardize the quality of the rubber seals ring used by the customer after the second. The second is to apply the natural environment. The application of natural environment for a long time exceeds the -40 that silicone rubber can bear°to 230°category. Long-term in the active oxygen natural environment, or in the organic chemical natural environment is easy to age. Its pull and resilience are also limited. Often running beyond the range of tensile strength will make it more and more loose and lose tensile strength.
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