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Silicone rubber sealing strip

by:ORK      2020-07-08
How to fixed silicone sealing strip and installation silicone sealing strip method 1. When decorating, due to the open window process can destroy indoor and outdoor walls, it's best to replace the Windows and doors, and then on to the next step of decoration. Owner should be clear to choose which kind of brand's profile? Profile of the grade of the product will determine the doors and Windows, sealing and aging problem, the person that buy a house not to be in the market cheap window of model steel door blinded by fuzzy concept. 2. When the choose and buy, be sure to go to the normal building materials market, roadside small vendor is its simple processing equipment, precision and strength cannot guarantee. Window of model steel door, in particular, they do the poor quality of the steel lining of window of model steel door, do not have line steel even, other fittings are very poor. 3. The appearance of window of model steel door should be bluish white color. White or gray in color, its in the stable composition of the material is not enough, long aging become yellow. 4. Check whether the hardware that is flexible and smooth. 5. Bottom of push-pull window window frame is due aluminous slippery course, convenient its change. 6. Casement Windows fluid sealant should be free replacement, because the sealing strip shorter than the life of the form. 7. Push-pull window casement seal wool top middle should be fixed, it is the key to the push-pull window sealing is good or bad. 8. During the installation process, you should monitor doors and Windows of horizontal and vertical correction. Application styrofoam filled between window frame and wall body, and the window frame inside and outside must use silicone adhesive or sealant to seal, prevent water penetration. After the installation, must be protective film peel, otherwise it will reduce the service life of the doors and Windows. At the same time the PVC sealing strip and silicone rubber sealing strip, placed at high temperatures for a period of time ( On a roof or sunny places) PVC sealing strip, a short period of time will be very soft, sealing strip of grease on the surface of the precipitation, from the dust, and yellow ( Oil is easy to absorb soil) Oil leakage, hands dirty hands. The physical properties of silicone rubber sealing strip, no change, the family use the pressure cooker of sealing ring is silicone rubber, is to use high temperature resistant and non-toxic environmental protection performance of silicone rubber, silicone rubber seals under the 200 ℃ working environment, physical properties have no obvious change. 9. See the proportion, can how many meters per kilogram. PVC sealing strip vendors in the use of filler has great checkers, some manufacturers for the pursuit of greater production, talcum powder and coarse whiting is applied to make filling agent, greatly increased the proportion of sealing products, instead it virtually increased the cost, seriously reduced the quality and do more harm than good. Join the coarse whiting PVC sealing strip, you hand stretch back and forth several times, the surface will be a small amount of white powder. Silicone rubber seals sealing strip application of nano silicon dioxide as a filling reinforcing effect, light texture. If you need custom silicone sealing strip products: oil seal, o-rings, seals, rubber products, such as looking for us, please
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