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Silicone rubber sealing strip save the matters needing attention

by:ORK      2020-07-08
Widely used silicone rubber sealing strip, often used in food equipment, packaging, a kind of silicone rubber is also is commonly used in sealing material, many general sealing strip manufacturer is for bulk purchase, when buying so need to pay attention to what just is the silicone rubber sealing strip preservation will not affect its performance? 1, silicon rubber seals sealing strip to keep in the shade, cannot be directly in the sun, because ultraviolet light and water vapor will accelerate the deterioration of rubber size change. 2, when not do not open the packing, avoid dust sticky on the silicone rubber sealing strip or scratch sealing strip. Article 3, deposit not packing seal, don't stick on or into the impurities, the deposit according to the original state. 4, silicone rubber seals sealing strip do not put in place near the heat source, motor or produce ozone. 5, no wire, rope hanging seals, such storage can make the sealing strip deformation, damage the lip. Name is sealed for you a couple of silicone rubber sealing strip need to be aware of when saving problem, want to know more the performance of the sealing products, welcome to contact us, professional manufacturer for you to answer: 17 years.
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