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Silicone sealing ring surface treatment

by:ORK      2022-10-13
Surface treatment of silicone seals Hydraulic seals play a vital role in the integration of hydraulics and pneumatics. If the seal of the hydropneumatic component product is not qualified, the hydropneumatic component product is not a good product. There are many layers of factors that affect seals. Silicone seal manufacturer explains a lot in depth! Surface treatment of silicone seals, experience has shown that the characteristics of the cylinder piston and the surface of the hydraulic cylinder have a great influence on the service life of the seal. When selecting the O-ring specification, first determine the material of the O-ring. At present, O-ring materials include industrial parts and life O-ring NBR nitrile rubber. O-ring specification tolerance mainly includes inner diameter tolerance and wire diameter tolerance. The specification tolerance of O-rings is mainly determined by the size. The more specifications, the greater the tolerance. For example, the tolerance standard of O-ring with inner diameter of 0.05 to 1.79mm is +/-0.10MM, and the tolerance of wire diameter of 0.05 to 1.79MMO-ring is +/-0.07MM. The compression amount of the O-ring generally depends on the hardness and material of the O-ring. If the hardness of the O-ring is 70 degrees, the compression of the O-ring is equal to 20%. The silicone waterproof ring is generally installed in several areas, and the pipe groove is generally installed. Flat surface. Convex groove. The installation method of each product is different, and its stress process will also affect the service life and function of the product. Influence of the hardness and softness of the silicone waterproof ring: Sometimes according to the different silicone products, the softness can completely change the function and structure of the product. Therefore, when using silicone sealing rings, due to the choice of different hardness and softness, the sealing ring will have some inevitable problems.
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