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by:ORK      2022-11-24
To avoid too wet or too dry, there should be no condensation. seals should be stored away from light, especially strong sunlight and ultraviolet rays. Solutions to Failure of Seals Due to Excessive Pressure Avoid getting too wet or too dry, and no condensation. seals should be stored away from light, especially strong sunlight and ultraviolet rays. UV-resistant bags provide optimum protection. seals are used by many companies as the original seal between machines, because there is little friction between the rubber seal device and these machine parts, which can ensure the work of the machine. seals are resistant to corrosion and are not prone to aging. Excessive compression failure state: The contact surface of the rubber seal is flat and may have cracks. Reasons for failure: Unreasonable design without considering material deformation caused by heat and chemical media or overpressure. Solution: The groove design should account for material deformation caused by temperature and chemical media. Compression deformation failure state: The contact surface of the rubber seal exhibits plane deformation. Failure reasons: too high pressure; too high temperature; the material has not completed the vulcanization treatment; the deformation rate of the material itself is too large; the material is excessively expanded in the chemical medium. Solution: Select materials with low deformation rate; appropriate groove design; confirm that the material is compatible with the medium. The working pressure causes the deformation and failure of the silicone rubber seals ring; the pressure of the medium has a greater impact on the deformation of the rubber seal, and it is also a common situation that causes the deformation of the rubber seal in all industries. With the development of modern hydraulic equipment, the pressure of the hydraulic medium is increasing. The larger the size, the longer the rubber seal will work in this high-pressure environment, it will cause permanent deformation. This deformation is irreversible. Therefore, different raw materials should be selected for different working pressures, and relatively pressure-resistant, wear-resistant , temperature-resistant silicone or rubber materials, correspondingly, in order to cope with higher working pressure, the hardness of the rubber seals of pressure-resistant materials will also increase accordingly. Poor oil and solvent resistance, in cyclohexane, gasoline, and benzene, it dissolves before vulcanization and swells after vulcanization. The rubber material has excellent heat resistance, cold resistance, ozone resistance and atmospheric aging resistance. Has good insulating properties. However, the tensile strength is poorer than that of general rubber seals and it does not have oil resistance. Suitable for household appliances such as electric water heaters, electric irons, microwave ovens, etc.
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