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Special installation requirements for gaskets

by:ORK      2022-11-16
Oil seal explains special installation requirements for sealing gaskets Special installation requirements for sealing gaskets 1. When the operating temperature of the flange is higher than 200 °C, sealant should be applied between the sealing surface of the flange and the sealing gasket to prevent the sealing gasket from interacting with the gasket at high temperature. The flange sealing surface is sintered, adding trouble to maintenance and replacement of sealing gaskets. 2. If the sealing surface is uneven, you can apply sealant on the sealing surface and then install the sealing gasket. The sealant is generally composed of manganese dioxide, lead dan, graphite powder and linseed oil (drying oil) after being boiled. Liquid sealants of corresponding types and grades can be selected according to the sealing medium, working temperature and medium pressure. 3. For the installation of octagonal metal ring gasket, when the processing of the metal ring gasket and the flange sealing groove is not ideal, the close fit can be achieved by grinding. For large-diameter metal ring gaskets, it is more difficult to match and grind. In order to fill the small unevenness on the metal surface, sealant can be used. 4. When installing the sealing wound gasket matching the flange with the protruding plane, care should be taken to ensure that the seal is concentric with the pipeline. Generally, the outer reinforcing ring is used to contact the inner circumferential surface of the bolt to locate, and eccentric installation is not allowed. When installing the basic wound gasket in the tongue and groove sealing face flange, care should be taken to keep the same clearance with the groove wall. 5. When installing a metal-clad gasket with a narrow width, a steel plate with a certain thickness should be placed on the outside of the gasket, and then the flange should be pressed to prevent the interface of the metal shell from being compressed after the coated packing in the metal gasket is compressed. (or lap) expansion and damage to the metal clad gasket. Want to know more: https://www.orksealing.com/
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