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Specifications and characteristics of rubber shock absorbers

by:ORK      2022-11-07
So far, it has been widely used in various mechanical equipment, trolleys, electric locomotives on railway lines, marine vehicles, airports and other industries, and is playing an increasingly critical role. It is not exaggerated to say that rubber shock absorbers must be used in areas where shock absorption and vibration isolation must be used. According to different application standards, rubber shock absorbers can be designed into various types. The most common rubber shock absorbers at this stage are as follows: JP type rubber shock absorber, suitable for electronic instruments and meters, to protect the entire equipment from vibration and impact; JPZ type three-way equal bending stiffness shock absorber is suitable for For aerospace and airline instrumentation equipment; JPZ type medium and small airline shock absorbers are used for various vibration isolation and shock-proof equipment in aerospace, airlines, ships, etc.; JG cutting shock absorbers are used for centrifugal fans , air compressors, refrigeration units, centrifugal water pumps and instrumentation panel equipment; Z-type rubber iso-frequency shock absorbers are widely used in various mechanical equipment, instrument panels, CNC lathes, machinery and equipment, etc.; 6JX type anti-shock Shock absorbers for ships, cars and other power machinery; 6WN diesel locomotive shock absorbers for gas turbine servers; SH double flat shock absorbers for marine machinery and machinery; WJ rubber shock absorbers YXN and XN rubber torsional vibration dampers are used for the crankshaft system software of trolleys. shock absorbers are often used in this way, because it reasonably uses the following characteristics of rubber: has high elasticity and visco-ductility; compared with steel materials, rubber has a large ductility and deformation, and the elastic mold is not large. ; The impact bending stiffness of rubber seals exceeds the dynamic bending stiffness, and the dynamic bending stiffness exceeds the static bending stiffness, which is beneficial to reduce the impact deformation and dynamic deformation; the ground stress-strain force curve is an elliptical backward line, and its total area is equivalent to The time change of each vibration cycle is the calorific vibration energy (vibration reduction), which can be adjusted according to the secret recipe design plan; rubber is a non-fluid density raw material (Poisson’s ratio is 0.5); the shape of the rubber can be selected at will, and the strength can be designed according to the secret recipe The scheme can be adjusted in many aspects, and can consider the requirements of stiffness and strength in different directions. Specifically, the shape can be clearly defined at will, and the strength can be manipulated according to the adjustment of the rubber secret recipe. It can be considered that the rigidity and strength of each direction are specified with large internal friction, shock absorption is easy to use, and it is beneficial to pass over the common seismic area, and the attenuation coefficient is high frequency. Vibration and noise The elastic mold is much smaller than the metal material, which can cause a large ductile deformation without dragging a part, which is easy to maintain and maintain. The quality is small, and the installation and disassembly are convenient. Impact bending stiffness is higher than static bending stiffness and dynamic bending stiffness, which is beneficial to impact deformation. This hopeless advantage of the rubber shock absorber has a great promotion effect for its broad main use, especially for the automobile manufacturing industry, the rubber shock absorber is also a key role in the role.
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