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Star seal ring

by:ORK      2020-08-05
Radial sealing ring is the most commonly used in the hydraulic cylinder seal, it is a kind of typical lip seal, no matter for the piston and piston rod can obtain good sealing effect, u-shaped ring under the condition of low pressure, only seal generated by the interference of labial ministry deformation. Due to the contact area is small, the friction force is relatively low, with increasing pressure, lip elastic deformation increases, the tensile, compression and bending stress increases, the u-shaped coil radial clamping force automatically, increasing the length of the contact with the sealing face, until the entire U axial length and sealing surface contact, thereby ensuring high pressure condition with good sealing. Radial sealing ring is elastic sealing ability of double seal. By the initial installation has a radial or axial precompression of contact stress and system function of sealing pressure superposition. After superposition of sealing force as the system pressure increases. Under the influence of pressure, radial sealing ring like has the very high surface tension of the fluid. You can transfer pressure evenly to the face. Star seal widely used, but it is mainly used for sealing, but its use restricted by pressure and speed. Star can completely replace o-rings use, non circular cross section, avoid roll on reciprocating motion, is based on the performance of the o-rings and improved and improve. Above is the seal of the relevant information, such as the need to customize ring, can call 24 h online service hotline:
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