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by:ORK      2020-07-25
Silicone seal for a lot of people are familiar with, but taking silicone oil seal know is less, so what is the risk silicone oil seals, have the characteristics of what? The seal will answer for you. Take the silicone oil and oil self-lubricating silicone, rubber products in order to make product appearance of smooth, feel is more good, more conducive to assemble, so often choose taking silicone oil production, take the silicone oil seal has the following characteristics: 1, good self-lubricating property and processing performance; 2, silicone oil seal has a good heat resistance, electrical insulation, weatherability, hydrophobic, physiological inertia and smaller surface tension, moreover also has low viscosity-temperature coefficient, higher compression, some varieties have radiation resistant performance; 3, silicone oil seal has certain slow-release effect, not only ensure the lubrication effect, and improve the service life; 4, take the silicone oil seal feel is smooth, the surface roughness is higher, the face be smooth, not sticky, wear-resisting performance, strong adhesion; 5, dustproof, anti-sticking viscosity can be good, but also has low viscosity-temperature coefficient, high resistance to compression. Take the silicone oil seals for: auto parts, bearing seals, special have self lubricating requirements of products, etc. 18 years seals manufacturer, with more than 30 professional technicians, have a scientific CNC machining center, vulcanization molding equipment, can open mould according to the different requirements of the customers, processing all kinds of different types, different materials of rubber seals products, such as more knowledge of silicone oil seals, welcome consultation:.
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