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by:ORK      2022-11-24
Talking about the structure of the hydraulic rubber seals seal piston accumulator The piston accumulator in the hydraulic rubber seal system can be mainly divided into three types of accumulators: gas, spring and heavy hammer. The most common of these three is the gas-structured energy storage product. Gaobang seal tells you what is a piston accumulator, a high-pressure piston accumulator, which involves the technical field of hydraulic auxiliary components, and solves the technical problems of improving service life and operating pressure. The piston accumulator of the hydraulic rubber seal system, he uses the piston in the cylinder barrel to isolate the gas and the oil, the piston can float in the cylinder barrel, the gas flows from the charging valve to the upper chamber of the accumulator, and the lower chamber of the accumulator Port a is connected to the system and filled with pressure oil. The hydraulic rubber seals seal system accumulator has the characteristics of simple structure, reliable operation, convenient installation and maintenance, and long service life. The piston accumulator of this type of hydraulic rubber seal system will be affected by the inertia of the piston and the friction between the rubber seal and the cylinder, so the response is not sensitive enough. The processing of the cylinder and the performance of the piston rubber seal are relatively high. To store energy or absorb pressure pulsation in medium and high pressure systems, then this is a qualified piston accumulator for hydraulic rubber seal systems. More information on rubber seals is here
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