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TC skeleton oil seal groove dimension tolerance table

by:ORK      2022-11-19
TC skeleton oil seal groove dimension tolerance table Oil seals are widely used and important parts in industry. The oil seal is a seal used by machinery to seal oil (oil is a common liquid substance in the transmission system, and also generally refers to the general liquid substance). Oil leakage. Skeleton oil seal is a kind of oil seal. Oil seals are classified according to the rotational speed of the shaft. Oil seals can be divided into low-speed oil seals (less than 6m/s) and high-speed oil seals (greater than 6m/s); classified according to the pressure the oil seals can withstand, they can be divided into normal pressure oil seals and high-speed oil seals. Pressure-resistant oil seals; according to the structure and sealing principle of oil seals, they can be divided into standard oil seals and dynamic return oil seals; in addition, according to the material classification of oil seal components, they can be divided into skeleton type oil seals and skeleton type oil seals; according to With or without spring, it can be divided into spring type oil seal and non-spring type oil seal. In practical applications, because the skeleton oil seal containing metal material is commonly used, the oil seal often referred to as the saying refers to the skeleton oil seal. The commonly used standards for oil seals in China are China's national standards, Japan's NOK, Taiwan's NAK, Germany's CFW and other multinational companies' standards. Below we will introduce several commonly used seal specifications. Commonly used standards for oil seals in my country The national standard for oil seals in China is the national standard GB9877.1/2/3—88 series, GB13871-1992 oil seal standard. HG4-692-67 is the oil seal standard proposed by the Ministry of Chemical Industry of my country. Now, 'Hydraulic Transmission, Rotary Shaft Lip Seal Design Specification GB/T 9877-2008' has replaced the past 'GB/T9877-88', the standard is for GB/T9877.1—1988, GB/T9877.2—1988 and GB/T9877.3—1988 Consolidated revision of the Rotating Shaft Lip Seal Structural Dimensions Series. This standard specifies the basic requirements and dimension series for the structural design of rotary shaft lip seals. This standard is applicable to the rotating shaft end installed in the equipment, and the rotating shaft lip sealing ring that seals the liquid or grease, the pressure of the sealing chamber is not more than 0.05 MPa. This standard is the same as GB/T9877.1—1988, GB/T9877.2—1988 and GB/T9877.3—Compared with 1988, the main changes are as follows:———Standard name changed to“Hydraulic transmission -- Specification for design of lip seals for rotating shafts”;———Merge the standard structure from 3 parts into 1 whole;———The technical content of structural design has been greatly revised, focusing on design guidance, and supplemented such as“Return oil seal design”and other technical content, and there are major changes in the standard structure and arrangement order. 'GB13871-1992' scope of application:—— This standard specifies the basic dimensions and tolerances of rotary shaft lip seals (hereinafter referred to as seals) with shaft diameters ranging from 6 to 400 mm and the corresponding sealing cavity (hereinafter referred to as the cavity) with an inner hole diameter of 16 to 440 mm. In order to ensure the interchangeability of sealing rings produced by different manufacturers, this standard also specifies the dimensions and tolerances of shafts and mounting holes. This standard is applicable to sealing rings with working pressure equal to or less than 0.05MPa, not applicable to higher working pressures. In order to make the sealing ring provided by the manufacturer meet the design and use requirements, Appendix A of this standard recommends the relevant report format of the sealing ring for signing the agreement for both the supplier and the buyer. In 2007, my country re-formulated the national recommended standards for oil seal products 'GB/T13871.1-2007' and 'GB/T13871.4-2007' to adapt to international development. The new national standard was officially implemented on July 1, 2008. This standard is compiled by the Technical Committee of the Sealing Products Branch of the National and Products Standardization Technical Committee. The new standard meets the requirements of the same international technical standards and improves the technical requirements of sealing products, in order to better solve the problems that have plagued Chinese enterprises for a long time.“Three leak problem”Provides a good technical guarantee. TC skeleton oil seal groove dimension tolerance table: inner diameter dimension without spring (repair size) tolerance with spring /-0.2 18.01-30.00 -0.80 +/-0.10 -1.10 +/-0.2 30.01-50.00 -0.90 +/-0.15 -1.40 +/-0.3 50.01-80.00 -1.10 +/-0.15 -1.60 +/-0.3 80.01- 120.00 -1.30 +/-0.15 -1.80 +/-0.3 120.01-180.00 -1.50 +/-0.15 -2.00 +/-0.3 180.01-250.00 -1.60 +/-0.20 -2.20 +// -0.20 -2.40 +/-0.4 315.01-400.00 -2.00 +/-0.20 -2.60 +/-0.4 400.01-500.00 -2.20 +/-0.20 -2.80 +/-0.4 Inner diameter size can be increased eccentricity metal surface rubber surface Below 50.00 +0.10 - +0.20 +0.15 - +0.30<0.25 50.01-80.00 +0.13 - +0.23 +0.20 - +0.35<0.35 80.01-120.00 +0.15 - +0.25 +0.20 - +0.35<0.50 120.01-180.00 +0.18 - +0.28 +0.25 - +0.45<0.65 180.01-315.00 +0.20 - +0.30 +0.25 - +0.45<0.80 315.01-500.00 +0.23 - +0.35 +0.230- +0.55<1.00
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