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Technological breakthrough in lathe machining of seals

by:ORK      2022-10-28
Recently, a moldless molding processing system has been launched in China, and it is supposed to be used in the processing of high-precision rubber seals. Moldless processing technology first appeared abroad and was monopolized by very few companies in some western countries. Now this technology is mastered by domestic companies and has completely independent intellectual property rights, which has completely changed our country's dependence on foreign high-precision Imported seals, and the pattern that relies on the CNC system of mechanical seals. It fills the gap of mold-free processing technology that is urgently needed in China. Ten units of this type of equipment have been produced before, which have successfully passed the inspection and have been widely used in practice. Currently, this system is in short supply in the domestic market. The reason why the system is named SEAL-N-C simply means the application of SEAL seals on CNC machine tools, which is a system that subverts the traditional production process that requires molds to process seals. The design, hardware, software and detailed technical parameters of SEAL-N-C system have completely independent intellectual property rights. The system can quickly form and process rubber seals from plastic and rubber materials. The traditional production process of seals is generally to draw the product drawings of mechanical seals through 3D software such as PRE to draw the mold drawings, first open the mold, and then use rubber seals, plastic and other raw materials for die casting or injection molding, because it needs to open the mold. The production cycle will be relatively long and the cost will be relatively high. In the process, the molding and thermal curing are completed at the same time. Because of the influence of the rubber seals and plastic formula, molding temperature and other factors, it is difficult to ensure that the seal can have a high degree of cooling and shrinkage after molding. accuracy. Foreign high-precision rubber and plastic seals are now using relatively advanced production processes, that is, the rubber and plastic are first cured, and then processed by the CNC machining system SEAL-N-C. This kind of mold-free production seal technology , not only can achieve high precision requirements, but also improve the efficiency of production. The operation is simple and easy to understand, the quality of the produced seals is very stable, and the development of new seals can greatly shorten the design cycle, which greatly improves the accuracy of domestic seals, and can gradually replace high-precision imported seal products. Drive domestic precision machinery design upgrades and quick solutions. With the localization of this system, the purchase cost of imported equipment can be greatly reduced by more than half. High-precision rubber and plastic seals are a market development trend. Whoever masters this technology first to produce high-precision rubber and plastic seals , who can gain an active position in the market, and there is a large market space for domestic and foreign companies. Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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