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Technology development trend of rubber and plastic seal industry

by:ORK      2022-11-09
1. Development trend of rubber seals materials Special engineering elastomers replace low-performance oil-resistant rubber seals materials, low-friction modified rubbers, extreme modifications, and injectable solid and liquid elastomers 2. The application of engineering plastics is more and more important Vinyl fluoride (PTFE) has excellent low friction properties, and its application has been quite extensive and mature. Adding PTFE to the engineering plastics with better mechanical strength can give full play to the advantages of the two materials. Such as POM, PPS, etc. 3. High performance of polyurethane materials General polyurethane materials can only be used for a long time below 80 °C. Parker polyurethane can withstand 120 °C after high temperature modification, and can withstand 145 °C in a short time, and has excellent compression set properties. Infiltrate PU material with self-lubricating modified liquid (including MoS2, etc.) to reduce its friction coefficient to promote the application of PU in pneumatic and high-speed sealing. With the enhancement of the concept of environmental protection, the number of seals used in aqueous medium conditions is increasing day by day. It is necessary to substantially improve the hydrolysis resistance of PU materials from the aspect of material structure. 4. Further research and application of engineering ceramic sealing (including polymers) Engineering ceramics have excellent chemical corrosion resistance and temperature resistance. With the development of sealing technology, there will be certain application prospects in sealing components. Especially after engineering ceramics are modified by polymers (the so-called“Polymer ceramics"), elasticity and toughness are improved. 5. Modification of traditional sealing materials by nanotechnology After nano-modification of rubber seals materials, the comprehensive mechanical properties, thermal oxygen and ultraviolet aging resistance, electrical properties, and flame retardant properties will be greatly improved. For example, nano-zinc oxide can greatly improve the high-speed wear resistance and aging performance of rubber, and can improve the flexural resistance by 5 times, and the dosage is only 30~50% of ordinary zinc oxide. Some domestic manufacturers use organic/inorganic nano-hybrid technology to nano-modify TPU, and the strength and wear resistance of the material have been greatly improved, especially the high temperature resistance, so that the working temperature of TPU can be adjusted from 80°C increased to 120°C. Inorganic particles such as nano-zinc oxide filled PTFE can significantly improve the wear resistance of PTFE. Company website:
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