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Technology innovation trend of automotive weather strip

by:ORK      2022-10-20
In the production process of sealing strip, EPDM is the main raw material. It has excellent physical properties, and novel EPDM with operable processing properties can control the long chain branching in its molecules, make its vulcanization performance better, and improve the extrusion speed and product output. Other new thermoplastic elastomers such as EPO and TPV are continuously developed and applied in automotive weather strips. These materials not only have the excellent engineering properties of elastomers, but also have the excellent properties of plastics, making them controllable and recyclable. These materials are gradually replacing EPDM products. For auxiliary materials, mainly carbon black, skeleton materials, reinforcing agents, plasticizers and vulcanizing agents, etc. are also constantly developing new products, which are used in the production of automotive seals. At present, some computer application software has also been developed to screen and combine the raw materials in the formula to achieve the optimization of the formula. additives are also developing in the direction of high efficiency, energy saving, low pollution and low toxicity. In the manufacturing process of the sealing strip, the variable die technology is applied during extrusion, that is, the change of the extrusion die is controlled by a computer, which changes the practice that the section of the extruded profile remains unchanged. Instead, make the cross-section occur at the corners and the connecting body or clamping parts as needed.“Gradient”or“mutation”. Some make the position, wall thickness and size of the sponge foam tube change, and extrude a variable section in the length direction at one time, so that the sealing strip can better match and seal with the main body, making the appearance more perfect. Moreover, in the process of processing, the labor intensity is reduced, and the complex processes such as lamination and corner jointing in the post-processing of the sealing strips of different cross-sections in the past have been changed. In the process of sealing strip extrusion, it is now developed from double compound, triple compound co-extrusion process, that is, hard glue (soft glue), sponge glue, metal skeleton co-extrusion to four compound extrusion, or more compound Co-extrusion, co-extrusion of different types of rubber, different materials, and different colors of rubber seals, which has higher technical content and lower labor intensity, and realizes online electrostatic flocking, which can achieve single-sided or double-sided flocking, At the same time, it can be sprayed with polyurethane, silicone oil or other coatings online. In the process of installing the sealing strip, in the past, it was installed by hammering with a wooden hammer, which was labor-intensive and the appearance of the sealing strip was easily damaged. The clamping part of the hydraulic sealing strip enables it to achieve a uniform assembly effect in different installation parts, reducing the labor intensity of the assembler. In order to be in line with international standards, in the domestic automotive seal industry, a modern enterprise management system is also adopted, with ISO9000 (quality assurance system requirements), ISO14000 (environmental protection requirements), QS9000 (the three major American automobile companies' requirements for spare parts factories) , VDA. 1 and VDA6.3 (German automobile industry standard) and other standards to measure the enterprise. Now companies must be recognized by authoritative organizations before they are eligible to cooperate with major international automakers. The sealing strip products also need to adopt the similar product standards of foreign advanced countries to test the products of the company, and their physical and chemical properties must meet the standards before they can be supplied. The automotive seal industry is increasingly developing into an important part of the automotive industry. In the 1980's, the automotive seal industry has been developing, technologically innovating, high-performance and high-quality products for the function of sealing strips. In 1990, we carried out price competition, reduced costs, and emphasized the interchangeability of parts. 1995 Considering environmental factors, developing recyclable materials, halogen-free materials and simplifying the structure of the weather strip. By 2000, the performance requirements for automobile weather strips, especially for car weather strips, are getting higher and higher, not only need to have excellent sealing, isolation from the environment, but also to have comfort and aesthetics, safety, environmental performance requirements. With the continuous development of my country's automobile industry, the technology of automobile seals must continue to innovate, and new materials, new processes and new equipment will be used to continuously develop new seal products. Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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