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Ten basic factors affecting the use of rubber seals

by:ORK      2022-11-27
Ten basic factors affecting the use of rubber seals seals - manufacturer introduction 1) The quenching hardness of the piston rod is HRC55-60, the thickness of the chrome plating layer is 30-501m, and the piston rod is plated without direction grinding to eliminate the traces of the grinding spiral. 2) The thickness of the speed oil film is related to the speed of the reciprocating motion. If the speed is too high, the oil film will thicken, which is easy to produce cattle leakage; if the speed is too low and less than 0.05m/s, the oil film will be too thin, the friction will increase, and it is easy to cause 'crawling'. 3) Frictional resistance The frictional resistance between the seal and the moving parts varies. The friction resistance is the largest at startup (dry friction). When the appropriate speed is reached, a continuous oil film is formed between the friction pairs, and the friction resistance decreases. When the motion speed of the friction pair is too high, the oil film thickens and the friction resistance increases. 4) Temperature The change of oil temperature affects the viscosity of the oil, the thickness of the oil film and the sealing performance. In order to ensure the good performance of the seal, the working temperature of the hydraulic system should be stable at 40-80C. 5) Cleanliness The pollution control of liquid claw oil is generally NAS grade, that is, the diameter in the oil is greater than&The concentration of 101m dirt particles must be 3mg/100ml. 6) Contact pressure The contact pressure must be moderate in order to form an extremely thin continuous oil film. If the contact pressure is too small, the oil film will be thick and easy to leak; if the contact pressure is too large, the oil film will be too thin, which will easily cause dry friction and shorten the service life of the seal. 7) Surface roughness The surface roughness of the piston and piston rod is generally 0.8, the roughness of the seal installation groove, the side surface is 1.6, and the bottom surface is R3. 8) The deformation of the seal by the hydraulic cylinder oil pressure can achieve the sealing effect, but it also increases the The wear of the sliding surface causes heat generation, which promotes the temperature rise of the system and further increases the sliding resistance. Therefore, the pressure should be strictly controlled in actual use. This is also required to ensure the service life of the seal. For example, the service life of a 16MPa seal in a 16MPa hydraulic system is two years; if it is used in a 21MPa hydraulic system, it will be shortened to two months; when used in a 31.5MPa hydraulic system, the service life is only two days. 9) In order to meet various requirements, different additives are added to the hydraulic oil. The compatibility and service life of the additive sealing material will have a great impact, and the appropriate sealing material must be selected according to the oil. 10) The clearance mainly refers to the fitting clearance of the seal installation groove or the sliding surface of the seal on the low pressure side. Under the action of hydraulic pressure, the seal will produce deformation and plastic flow, and the root of the seal tends to be squeezed into the fitting gap. In order to ensure the performance, accuracy and life of the hydraulic cylinder, the sealing structure is often provided with guiding elements. The gap between the front and rear of the sealing friction pair varies according to the pressure, the condition, the type and material of the seal.
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