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The advantages and disadvantages of all kinds of rubber natural rubber (NR

by:ORK      2020-07-24
NR (natural rubber NaturalRubber) Made of latex rubber acquisition is isoprene polymer. Has the very good wear resistance, high elasticity, breaking strength and elongation. Easy ageing, the air is heated become sticky, easy expansion and dissolved in mineral oil or gasoline, and alkali resistant, but not resistant to strong acid. Advantages: good elasticity, resistance to acid and alkali. Weakness: the weather resistance, oil resistance, Resistant to vegetable oil) , is a raw material for making tape, rubber hose, rubber shoes and is suitable for the production suspension parts, in the car brake oil, such as ethanol with hydroxy liquid used in the products. Styrene butadiene rubber SBR ( StyreneButadieneCopolymer) Butadiene and styrene polymers, compared with natural rubber, uniform quality, less foreign body, has better wear resistance and aging resistance, but the mechanical strength is weak, can be used mixed with natural rubber. Advantages: low cost of oil resistance materials, good water resistance, hardness below 70 good elasticity, high hardness when poor compressibility. Disadvantages: does not recommend using strong acid, ozone, oils, ester oil and fat, and most of the hydrocarbons. Widely used in tyre industry, footwear, channgzhou and conveyor belt, etc. NBR NBR ( 丁晴橡胶) Nitrile rubber is composed of butadiene and acrylonitrile by emulsion copolymerization of polymers, is oil resistant ( Especially in paraffin oil) Good synthetic rubber, aging resistance performance. Nitrile rubber seals (acrylonitrile content in %) 46, 36 ~ 41 and 42 ~ 31 ~ 35, from 25 to 30, 18 ~ 24 and so on five. Acrylonitrile content, the more the better the oil resistance, cold resistance is reduced. It can be 150 ℃ 120 ℃ in air or in the oil medium and long term use. Advantages: for most of the general gas impermeability, good resistance to sunlight and smell, can be exposed to animal or vegetable oils or gasification of chemicals. Disadvantages: not resistant to ozone and aromatic, halogenated hydrocarbon solvent, ketones and esters, for insulation. Hydrogenated nitrile rubber (HNBR HydrogenateNitrile) Hydrogenated nitrile rubber for nitrile rubber after via hydrogenation to remove part of the double chain, its temperature resistance, weather resistance after hydrogenated a lot higher than that of general nitrile rubber, oil resistance and similar general butadiene-acrylonitrile rubber seals. General use temperature range for 25 to below zero 150℃。 Advantage: more butadiene-acrylonitrile rubber have better abrasion resistance, with excellent corrosion resistance, tensile, tearing and compressibility characteristics. The ozone under atmospheric conditions such as good resistance, generally applicable to laundry or dishwashing detergent. Disadvantages: not recommended in alcohols, esters and aromatic ZhiLengYe solution of air conditioning, widely used in environmental protection refrigerant, R134a has a system of seal, seal car engine system. 3-20 EPDM 3-20 EPDM ( EthylenepropyleneRubber) Composed of ethylene and propylene copolymerization, so heat resistance, aging resistance, ozone resistance, stability are all very good, but not the sulfur and sulfur. To solve this problem, in the main chain of the EP import a small amount of sulfur has a double chain of the third component and additive in EPDM, commonly used for the temperature of minus 50 - 150℃。 In polar solvent such as alcohol, ketone, etc excellent resistance. seal products to select different materials can meet the different high and low temperature resistance, high and low pressure resistance, abrasion resistance, acid and alkali and other chemical medium, corrosion resistance, aging, knight of the oil pressure and fatigue condition of the environment, can according to customer demand design suitable products. The company's web site: /
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