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The advantages and disadvantages of epdm seal strip

by:ORK      2020-07-27
Epdm seal strip is one of the common seal of, because of its good aging resistance and weatherability and is widely used, common outdoor products, refrigerators and all kinds of refrigeration mechanical seal, no matter what kind of material of seal has its advantages and disadvantages, so what are the strengths and weaknesses of the epdm seal? One, the advantages of epdm seal strip 1, aging resistance, epdm seal strip has good weather resistance, ozone resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, water vapor, color stability, electronic, oily and normal temperature liquid filling. Epdm sealing strip used under 120 ℃, - in 150 Under the 200 ℃ can be temporary or intermittent use, adding suitable stabilizer can improve the using temperature. 2, corrosion resistance, epdm seal strip lack polarity, low unsaturation, polarity of various chemicals such as alcohol, acid, alkali, oxidant, refrigerant, detergents, animal and plant oil, ketone and grease has good resistance to patience. 3, water vapor resistance of epdm seal strip with good water resistance and estimate is superior to its heat resistance. In the 230 ℃ heating steam, nearly 100 h after appearance no change, and fluorine rubber, silicone rubber, fluorine silicone rubber, butyl rubber, natural rubber under the same conditions, degradation occur after a short time appearance. 4, too hot water resistance of epdm seal strip had hot water resistance is good, but is closely related to all the vulcanization system, with 2 HuaEr moiety, TMTD for ethylene propylene rubber vulcanization system, in 125 ℃ hot water for 15 months later, the mechanical properties change little, volume expansion rate is only 0. 3%. 6, epdm fluid sealant has excellent electric properties of electrical insulating performance and corona resistance, electric properties better than or close to the styrene butadiene rubber, chlorosulfonated polyethylene, polyethylene and crosslinked polyethylene. 7, flexibility in the molecular structure of epdm foam rubber strip non-polarity substituent, low molecular cohesive energy, molecular chain can maintain flexibility in a wider range, after natural question and butadiene rubber, and can remain in the low temperature. Second, the shortcomings of epdm seal strip epdm strip due to lack of reactive molecular structure, cohesive energy is low, plus the rubber seals is easy to spray frost, self-adhesive and mutual viscosity difference. 18 years of professional manufacturer of sealing strip, can be different working conditions, customer demand for customized design of seal, if you want to know more about the performance of the material, welcome consultation:.
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