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The advantages of fluororubber are reflected in these properties

by:ORK      2022-11-04
Fluorine rubber seals has good anti-aging properties. Fluorine rubber has good weathering resistance and active oxygen resistance. According to reports, the VitonA developed and designed by DuPont is still quite satisfactory after ten years of natural storage, and has no significant cracking effect after 46 days in gas with an ozone concentration of 0.02%. The weather embrittlement resistance and active oxygen resistance of Type 21 fluororubber are also very good. Fluorine rubber seals vacuum pump has excellent characteristics. Type 27 fluorine rubber has very good vacuum pump characteristics. 246 fluorine rubber seals basic secret recipe vulcanized rubber vacuum pump air discharge rate is only 38×12-6 Torr liters/sec. Centimeter 2. 246 type fluororubber has been successfully used in the vacuum pump standard of 12-9 Torr. Physical properties of fluororubber High-quality fluororubber has excellent physical and physical properties. Type 27 fluororubber usually has super strength in the middle of 12~30MPa, elongation at break in the middle of 130~300%, and tear resistance and compressive strength in the middle of 3~4KN/m. The super strength of type 21 fluororubber is between 15.0 and 20MPa, the elongation is between 150% and 700%, and the tear and compressive strength is between 2 and 7MPa. Generally, the shrinkage permanent deformation of fluororubber is larger at high temperature, but if compared with the same standard, such as from the shrinkage permanent deformation of the same time at 130 °C, both butadiene and neoprene rubber are better than 27 type fluororubber. To be large, type 27 fluororubber at 150°C×The shrinking deformation at 28 hours is equal to the Buna Vulcanizate at 130℃×28 hours of shrinking deformation. The electrical properties of fluororubber are good. The electrical properties of type 21 fluororubber are good, and the water absorption is lower than that of other polyurethane elastomers. It can be used as a good insulating raw material. Type 27 vulcanizate can be applied at high frequency base pressure.
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