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The aging rubber seals have?

by:ORK      2020-07-15
Aging of rubber seal is usually by mechanical force, oxidation and ozone oxidation three factors work together. Typically, aging can make the rubber seals brittle, fatigue crack growth, reduce the critical fracture energy, and reduce its life. seal aging process mainly includes the following aspects: 1, under the action of mechanical force, produce mechanical cracking reaction due to the viscous properties of polymer, rubber in deformation cycle, the relaxation process could not complete, and then into the deformation of the next cycle, which makes the rubber seal inside deformation and residual stress increasing. When stress gradient is bigger, can lead to directly to the rubber chain rupture and generates free radicals, thus cause rubber in under the action of oxygen free radical chain reaction oxidation and aging. 2, the oxidative cracking reaction of mechanical force activation rubber seals in the process of sealing repeated deformation, the mechanical stress can make the molecular chain of the rubber valence force is abate, thus reducing the oxidation reaction activation energy of it. Activation energy of the oxidized by facilitates the oxidative cracking of rubber chain reaction, and the acceleration effect. 3 internal heating accelerated the oxidation reaction, rubber seal rubber seals in repeated deformation hysteresis can be created, and lead to an internal friction, so that the rubber seals internal heating, which further accelerated the oxidation of rubber chain reaction and aging. 4, ozone cracking of rubber seal rubber seals in periodic deformation of the aging process, along with ozone cracking phenomenon, this phenomenon is more significant in high temperature conditions. Thus, fatigue aging of rubber seal is actually a mechanical force, temperature, oxygen, ozone, etc. A result of the combined action of multiple factors. So you need to in the production of rubber seals to strengthen its anti-aging properties, in the design of the aging properties of rubber seals as you have more questions, welcome to consultation, 18 years of professional rubber seals manufacturer! 】
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