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by:ORK      2020-07-08
Silicone rubber ring is used more widely in the field of is currently the machine type of seal products, it is usually desirable to dustproof, waterproof, oil seal, gate valve, buffer, shock absorption, and the possibility of damage failure are not uncommon, aging deformation phenomenon became the silicone seal is a kind of common phenomenon, so most of the failure reason is not silicone seal design problems and damage of normal use, the main reason a lot of, namely several common reasons, then what are the main factors that lead to the deformation failure? First of all, you want to know, whether the silicone or rubber, soft gelatin products depends on extrusion deformation of the sealing effect, so when the pressure is greater than the pressure of seal medium sealing effect, less than when leakage occurs, the fundamental reason is due to the working environment of high pressure sealing ring permanent deformation and damage of is in clearance, so this is the core of the main factors, on the basis of the factors above and produce some inevitable factors. 1, the silica gel circle pressure extrusion deformation failure caused by working pressure is the silicone ring permanent deformation of the culprit, medium pressure greater effects on the deformation of seal ring, also cause deformation of seal ring in all industries, one of the most common situation with the development of modern hydraulic equipment, hydraulic medium pressure is more and more big, the rubber ring for a long time in this kind of high-pressure work environment, can lead to permanent deformation, the deformation is cannot little, so different material should be chosen according to different working pressure, choose the relative pressure, wear-resisting, heat-resistant silicone or rubber material, corresponding to cope with the higher working pressure and pressure material to seal the hardening degree will also along with the higher. 2 failure temperature, temperature causes for silicone rubber ring Zhang Chidu is very important, no matter what kind of material, under the high temperature will speed up the aging speed, when the environment temperature is higher, so gas compression deformation will be larger, more than 40% of the time when the product deformation, rubber ring will slowly lose elasticity ability, cause leakage. When installing the silicone seal will have initial stress, these will be asleep long relaxation of the sealing ring and temperature gradually reduce and slowly disappear, in some cases could disappear as the temperature decreased sharply, even if the material is high and low temperature resistant silicone rubber products, when compared with 20 degrees of stress, is not greater than 25%, so when installing sealing ring should set the initial stress, should fully consider the factor of temperature of working environment. 3, the amount of compression and tensile factors. As a result of the silicone rubber seals circle formula analysing different, so different enterprises production amount of silicone seal compression and tensile strength are also different. Products under the conditions of long-term compression will produce compression stress relaxation phenomenon, this phenomenon will gradually expand over time, the longer the smaller amount of compression and tensile rate will, make its elasticity is insufficient cause leakage phenomenon, the most direct method of change is to increase the section size of products, but also leads to the increase of product on the structure. So in early use process should be on the choice of the rubber seals sealing ring is well done, it must be low friction coefficient, lubricating must reach the designated position, its contact surface must be smooth, not rough, there are stains. The installation process, to ensure that the installation of coaxial, absolutely can't eccentric is too large, and at the same time to ensure the rationality of the sealing system, cannot appear size error is too big. For sealing ring, the deformation failure means that the air tightness not guaranteed, although seemingly not the big problem, but often lead to the leakage of hydraulic system, serious when even machine malfunction happens, property and personal casualty. How we can avoid the silicon rubber sealing ring is distorted?
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