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The application scope of EPDM EPDM foam sealing strip and performance characteristics

by:ORK      2020-07-22
EPDM rubber seals has good weather resistance, so often used for outdoor products, such as doors and Windows sealing material. Then the EPDM EPDM foam sealing strip application range and performance characteristic is what? EPDM EPDM foam sealing strip has excellent weather resistance, ageing resistance, ozone resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion features - hardy heat-resistant performance Is commonly: 50 ℃ ~ 170 ℃ super elasticity, 200% of the stretch. EPDM EPDM foam sealing strip choose EPDM as raw materials, good resilience, good bubble uniformity, good waterproof performance, independent opening bubble layout, a special type of joint plate appearance for honeycomb holes evenly distributed, not dozen hair can be closely bonded with cement, sealant, used natural swell shorten change and change, strengthen the joint seal swell water stop function. Scope of application and installation method 1, suitable for all kinds of door, window, packing seal outdoor products, etc. 2, installation: can be paste directly with two-side glue, paste surface must be smooth, clean, smooth, dry. Or according to need to install the part of the groove structure design appropriate structure of the sealing strip. Seal 18 years professional EPDM EPDM EPDM foam sealing strip factory, can according to need to customize different high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, oil resistance, abrasion resistance and other properties of sealing strip, if you more questions about the seals, welcome consultation:.
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