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The application scope of hydrogenated nitrile rubber seals

by:ORK      2020-07-11
Along with the development of the industry, more and more high to the requirement of the seals, and therefore a pint of nitrile rubber seals use broader, before to introduce the hydrogenated nitrile rubber seal, the performance of the heat, cold resistant, wear resistant aging resistance and ozone resistance ability is good, its mainly used in where? Hydrogenated nitrile rubber seals are widely used in oil field, the automotive industry, etc. , and preparation of vibration isolator, seal, seal, heat pipe, etc. Its radiation resistant performance is better than silicone rubber, fluorine rubber, poly (tetrafluoroethylene, suitable for power plants of all kinds of rubber seals, are also used for hydraulic pipe, hydraulic seals, power station with cable sheath, also can make the printing roller and fabric, weapons and space with the seals, coating, fuel oil capsule, etc. The application scope of hydrogenated nitrile rubber seal main still need according to the condition of the product, is not applicable to all industries, such as the problem you have a need to know more about, welcome consulting seal, 17 years of product design, mold design, processing, research and development of rubber seals formula, mixing and testing the integration of the rubber seals manufacturer:.
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