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by:ORK      2020-07-19
products industry is one of the important basic industry of national economy. Not only does it provide an integral part of daily life for people daily, medical and so on light industry rubber seals products, but also to the mining, transportation, construction, machinery, electronics and other heavy industries and emerging industries to provide all kinds of rubber system production equipment or rubber parts. Visible, there are many different kinds of products of rubber industry, backward industry is very broad. In recent years, get a lot of rubber industry development, the existing industry segment are new rubber industry is rapidly developing segment, but at the same time, the rubber industry is also still exist such problems as environment, resources and disasters, the innovation. The following give you simply explain the basic characteristic of the rubber products. ___________ rubber products forming, after pressure pressing, both by elastomer of cohesion, cannot be eliminated when molding from, often produce unstable contraction ( There are differences between the rubber seals shrinkage rate, by analysing different) , after a period of time necessary to moderate stability. So when a rubber at the beginning of the design, formula or mould, all need to be careful calculation to cooperate, if not, the size is not stable, easy to produce products products quality is low. This of hot-melt thermoset rubber seals elastomer, plastic belong to hot-melt cold setting. by sulfide species subject, different curing temperature range, its shape is also have quite a gap, even because of climate change, the indoor temperature and humidity. products production conditions, therefore, need do moderate adjustment at any time, if not, may produce products the quality difference. 3, rubber products is conducted by rubber raw material mixer mixing is made after mixing rubber as raw materials, according to the characteristics of rubber products required in rubber mixing and formula design, and set the required product hardness. Product production molding by rubber vulcanizing press molding. After molding, products and flash processing, product surface treatment is smooth without burr. 4 rubber aging tests belong to the category of micro spectral analysis of aging test, aging refers to the rubber and rubber products in the processing, storage and use process, caused by a combination of inside and outside factors performance structure change, therefore its use value. Characterized by cracking, tacky, hardening, softening, pulverization, discoloration, mold, etc. 19 years specializing in the production of rubber products manufacturers, according to the customer's use of craft, design a suitable high and low temperature resistance, high and low pressure resistance, abrasion resistance, resistance to acid and alkali, corrosion and other chemical medium, oil resistant and high pressure and fatigue condition of the environment, custom hotline:
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