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The basic principle of the sealing performance of the Y-ring

by:ORK      2022-10-18
What is the basic principle of the sealing performance of the Y-shaped seal? 1. Key Features The page of the Y-shaped sealing ring shows a Y shape, which is a typical mouth-shaped sealing ring. The pages have different height and width ratios, and can be divided into wide, narrow, and Yx types. Y-rings can be divided into two types: for shafts and for holes. Y-rings are widely used in repeated motion equipment, and their service life is longer than that of O-rings. The suitable working pressure of Y-rings is not more than 40MPA, and the operating temperature is -30℃~80℃. When using nitrile rubber 0.01m~0.6m/s; 0.05m~0.3m/s for fluorine rubber; 0.01m~1m for polyurethane rubber. The sealing properties of Y-rings, the service life and the pressure limit without the need for a flat gasket are already suitable for polyurethane rubber materials. The characteristics and characteristics of the Y-shaped sealing ring: 1) The sealing performance is reliable; 2) The friction resistance is small, and the exercise is stable; 3) The impact resistance is good, and the application working pressure covers a wide range; 4) The organization is simple, high quality and low price; 5 ) is easy to install. 2. Basic principle of sealing The Y-shaped sealing ring is attached to the sealing sub-coupling surface with its extended lip, and touches in a strip shape, which is caused by the effect of material working pressure.“highest value”Contact pressure, the higher the working pressure, the greater the ground stress. When the coupling part is relatively fast at the working speed, a sealing liquid film is produced between the sealing lip and the load coupling surface, which results in the sealing effect. After the sealing lip is damaged, it has a certain automatic compensation ability due to the effect of material working pressure. 3. Application of Y-shaped sealing ring When installing the Y-shaped sealing ring, the lip must be directed to the side with high working pressure in order to have the sealing effect. In order to avoid the intermittentness of the root of the Y-ring being squeezed into the sealing coupling surface due to the plastic deformation of the material under high pressure, the size of the mutual matching gap between the load coupling parts should be controlled to ensure its use. During the period, to avoid the root of the sealing ring being squeezed into the mutual matching gap, a flat washer should be installed at the root of the sealing ring. For wide Y-shaped seals, the total width of the cross section is twice or more than the aspect ratio. This type of sealing ring is not easy to cause rotation and distortion in the pipe groove, and the support point ring is not installed.
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