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The categories of rubber formulations: basic formulations, performance formulations, practical formulations!

by:ORK      2022-10-21
According to the main purpose of rubber formula design, the formula can be divided into basic formula, performance formula and practical formula. 1. Basic formula Basic formula, also known as standard formula, is generally designed for the purpose of identification of raw rubber seals and compounding agents. When a new type of rubber and compounding agent appears, its basic processing properties and physical and mechanical properties are tested. The principle of its design is to use the traditional and classic compounding amount for comparison; the formula should be simplified as much as possible, and the reproducibility is better. The basic formula only includes the most basic components, and the rubber compound composed of these basic components can not only reflect the basic technological properties of the rubber compound, but also reflect the basic physical and mechanical properties of the vulcanizate. It can be said that these basic components are indispensable. On the basis of the basic formula, it is gradually improved, optimized and adjusted to obtain a formula with certain performance requirements. The basic formulas of different departments are often different, but the basic formulas of the same type of rubber are basically the same. The basic formula of self-reinforcing rubber seals such as natural rubber (NR), isoprene rubber (IR) and neoprene rubber (CR) can be formulated with pure rubber without reinforcing filler (reinforcing agent), while for non-self-reinforcing rubber. The pure rubber compound of synthetic rubber (such as styrene-butadiene rubber, ethylene-propylene rubber, etc.) has low physical and mechanical properties and is not practical, so reinforcing fillers (reinforcing agents) should be added. At present, the representative basic formula example is the basic formula of various rubbers proposed by ASTTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) as a standard. The standard formula specified by ASTM and the basic formula proposed by synthetic rubber seals factories are of great reference value. The basic formula is best formulated according to the specific situation of the unit, based on the experience data accumulated by the unit. Attention should also be paid to analyzing the advantages and disadvantages of the formulations used in the current production of similar products and similar products, and also taking into account the application of new technologies in the production process of new products and formulation improvements. 2. Performance formula Performance formula is also called technical formula. A formula designed to meet certain performance requirements, its purpose is to meet the performance requirements and process requirements of products, improve certain characteristics, etc. The performance formula can comprehensively consider the combination of various properties on the basis of the basic formula, so as to meet the requirements of the use conditions of the product. Usually the test formula used in product development is the performance formula, which is the formula most used by formula designers. 3. Practical formula Practical formula, also known as production formula, is a formula designed for a specific product. The practical formula should comprehensively consider factors such as performance, process performance, cost, equipment conditions, etc. The final selected practical formula should be able to meet the conditions of industrial production, so that the performance, cost and production process of the product can reach the best balance. The test results of the formula developed under laboratory conditions are not necessarily the final results, and there may be some technological difficulties when put into production, such as short scorch time, poor extrusion performance, calendering sticking, etc. , which requires further adjustment of the formula without changing the basic properties. Sometimes it is necessary to adjust the process performance by slightly reducing the physical and mechanical properties and performance, that is to say, a compromise is made between physical and mechanical properties, performance, process performance and economy, but the bottom line is to meet the minimum requirements. Although the technological performance of the rubber compound is an important factor, it is not the absolute only factor, and is often determined by the conditions of technological development. The continuous improvement of production technology and production equipment technology will expand the adaptability of rubber compounds. For example, accurate temperature control and the establishment of automated continuous production processes make it possible for us to process rubber compounds that were previously considered unsatisfactory. But in any case, when researching and applying a formula, specific production conditions and current process requirements must be taken into account. In other words, the formula designer is not only responsible for the quality of the finished product, but also fully considers the applicability of the formula in each production process under the existing conditions. Company website:
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