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The cause of the silicone seal brittle and solving methods

by:ORK      2020-07-03
Sealing ring manufacturer, 17 years in the process of selling many clients reflect before using silicone seal crisp would happen, why is that? Under the seal is to introduce the silicone seal crisp several reasons and solutions. 1, the silica gel is the cause of the first material source raw materials quality, raw material is bad can directly lead to the silicone seal overall quality and performance, of course, the cause of the silicone seal brittle to starting material to check, silica gel products crisp, usually is because the tear strength can not meet the requirements, but now many manufacturers to reduce costs to fill the silicon powder in the raw material, which makes originally tear strength reach under the condition of rubber seals is more brittle. Solution: raw materials are not allowed to add silicon powder, can choose is Ann, Toshiba, dow corning and rubber seals production, strict product can also be used high strength adhesive for production, strengthen the tear strength. 2, silicone seal structure or mold design or mold design unreasonable product structure is not reasonable, easy to cause the silicone seal ring forming embrittlement. Solution: a reasonable product structure, or mold design, proofing need to constantly change product or mold structure to improve, such as: a thin local slightly thickened, pour a little rounded orthogonal place and so on. 3, molding temperature too high or curing time is too long cause the silicone seal brittle. Solution: reduce the temperature control of curing time. 4, secondary sulfide owe good ventilation or high temperature silicone seal brittle. Solution: pay attention to adjust the secondary sulfide ventilation and control the temperature of the cause for the silicone seal brittle or out of the factory, so when choosing sealing ring manufacturer must clear understanding of its power. Matching seal with a number of listed companies, select high-quality raw materials, after dozens of testing equipment, artificial repeatedly quality, ensure the quality of the sealing ring.
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