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The characteristic points that should be paid attention to in the selection of sealing gasket

by:ORK      2022-11-15
Any type of gasket must have the following eight important characteristics in order to ensure long-term effective sealing in harsh environments: 1. Gas tightness of gaskets For sealing any type of gasket, In harsh operating environments, to ensure long-term effective sealing, the following eight important characteristics must be possessed: 1. Gas tightness of the gasket For the medium of the sealing system, the gasket should work for a certain period of time at the recommended temperature and pressure No leakage occurred. 2. The compressibility of the gasket The contact surface of the gasket and the flange should be well matched after the connecting bolts are fastened to ensure sealing. 3. Creep resistance of gaskets Under the influence of pressure load and operating temperature, the creep resistance of gaskets should be good, otherwise the bolt torque loss will be caused, resulting in the reduction of the surface stress of the gasket and the leakage of the hard gas system. . 4. Chemical corrosion resistance of gaskets The selected gaskets should not be corroded by chemical media, and should not pollute the media. 5. The resilience of the gasket Even if the system is stable, the two connected flanges will definitely have a slight displacement due to the influence of temperature and pressure. The elastic function of the gasket should be able to make up for this displacement to ensure the sealing of the system. sex. 6. The anti-adhesion of the gasket The gasket should be easily removed from the flange after use. 7. The gasket is non-corrosive The gasket should be non-corrosive to the flange surface to which it is connected. 8. Temperature resistance of gaskets The gaskets selected should be guaranteed to be used normally at the lowest and highest temperature of the system. Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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