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The characteristics of several common pump valve diaphragm

by:ORK      2020-07-25
Umbrella valve, check valve, duckbill valve, cross valve these a few kinds of diaphragm which has been widely applied in pump industry, including the application and characteristics of each of the pump valve diaphragm of also is not the same, then take you to understand the characteristics of several kinds of pump valve diaphragm. 1 umbrella, umbrella valve valve is a kind of rubber structure, appearance has once sealed diaphragm. Umbrella valve allows fluid to flow from one direction to prevent fluid backflow from the opposite direction. On the design to open and close automatically within a specified pressure range, its designated opening pressure in design work can be used in the low to high different pressure range. Opening pressure affected by some factors. Including: material hardness, effective circulation area, initial thickness of bearing pressure, umbrella surface sealing surface, etc. Scope of application: disposable emergency mask, fuel tanks and other fluid flow control device used in medical, electrical appliances, etc. 2, check valve, check valve with disc type close links on the edge, only allows single direction of fluid flow and does not allow the reverse flow. 3, duckbill valve duckbill valve is also a kind of rubber structure, the duck mouth in shape, all are & quot; Forward flow, reverse non-return & throughout; The function of water supply and drainage valves products, can effectively prevent backflow and flow backward. Duckbill valve has the socket type, Mosaic, flange, built-in duckbill valve, installation is very convenient, suitable for medium and low pressure environment. Scope of application: resistance to acid and alkali chemical pump, disposable venous infusion sets, pumps, the heart surgery using catheter, soap dispenser, coffee machine, head of the siphon valve, toys, etc. 4, cross the cross and duckbill valves have the same features and advantages of different places is the four former tu cross valve opened and can be more traffic. Above is the main characteristics of four kinds of common pump valve diaphragm, such as the need to learn more knowledge about pump valve diaphragm, please feel free to contact, 18 years of pump valve diaphragm manufacturer, with several large pump valve manufacturers long-term cooperation, can also according to customer demand for customized suitable rubber seals products.
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