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The characteristics of sponge foam EPDM seal strip

by:ORK      2020-07-09
Sponge foam EPDM rubber sealing strip is basically a saturation, so-called no crack rubber, high chemical stability, has good aging resistance, so the sponge foam EPDM seal strip have the characteristics of what? Foam rubber sealing strip is a kind of porous high elastic material, commonly known as porous foam rubber, foam rubber, microcellular rubber and rubber mesh, it is the floorboard of the pore structure of all kinds of rubber. Sponge rubber seals due to the particularity of its structure, can produce all kinds of special effects, can increase flexibility and capacity, improve the effect of buffer, have heat insulation effect, improve the sense of harmony, improve the comfortableness, improve the effect of sound insulation. Choose EPDM rubber as a sealing strip subject material, but also because with a strong chemical resistance and impact elasticity and low temperature performance. Sponge foam EPDM seal strip aging resistance generally embodied in three aspects: one is the ozone resistance, second, weather resistance, can be in the sun for a long time, which is used to the natural environment, damp, cold, 3 it is heat resistant performance, general rubber under the action of high temperature rapid degradation of harden, however EPDM EPDM can prolong service life. Article 17 years of professional seal factory, can according to customer demand production of different performance of the structure of the sealing strip, can be widely used in sealing, shock absorption, sound insulation, heat insulation, and other industries, products micro pore structure density, size stability performance, smooth surface are of good quality and more sponge foam EPDM seal strip performance, consultation:.
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