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The characteristics of the nitrile rubber o-ring

by:ORK      2020-07-28
Nitrile rubber is made by and by the emulsion polymerization of acrylonitrile, butadiene nitrile rubber is mainly produced by emulsion polymerization at low temperature, excellent oil resistance, high wear resistance, good heat resistance, strong adhesive relay. The disadvantages of poor low temperature resistance, ozone resistance is poor, poor insulation, slightly low elastic. Nitrile rubber is mainly used for manufacturing oil-resistant rubber products. Everyone of nitrile rubber must also have some understanding, to know what are the properties of NBR o-ring? Here is to take you to understand the characteristics of the nitrile rubber o-ring. NBR o-ring characteristics: 1, the ozone resistance ability than CR is poor, better than NR. 2, by reinforcing rubber seals better physical mechanical properties and wear resistance of 3, when the NBR o-ring propylene nitrile content was 39%, air tightness and IIR rubber seals, good air tightness 4, low temperature flexibility, antistatic performance superior 5, hydraulic, pneumatic system as a seal or dynamic seal used for example: caused by excessive deviation when the bearing chamber processing, in order not to scrap end cover, install o-ring, it played a run to the outer ring is not the purpose, because the o-ring and bearing as line contact, put two forms a cylinder, it can keep the rotor concentricity but because o-ring soft, bearing during operation of the temperature rise will cause plastic deformation, the easier operation time, the higher the rotor eccentricity, should avoid as far as possible with 18 years professional o-ring seal manufacturers has been leading to quality, take the customer as the main, pursue the perfection of product details and perfect, seal factory, can according to the size of the you provide samples, drawings, to design and choose the right material for you, for you to customize the suitable products, need to customize the seal, silicone, o-ring seal products, such as service hotline:
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