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The characteristics of the rubber duck mouth valve mainly have?

by:ORK      2020-07-13
Duckbill valve material are commonly used at present is mainly rubber of rubber is made, due to the rubber seals has good elasticity, can be in the inner diameter of the duckbill valve set with strong fiber, remove the nested external need stainless steel ferrule, other places are not contain metal parts, is not easy to corrode, wear resistance, resistance to tear features, basically there will be no mechanical failure, so what are the characteristics of the rubber duck mouth valve main? 1, due to the rubber duck mouth valve with rubber materials and the unique structure, even if the solid objects plug duckbill valve port, it is still in a closed state; 2, rubber duckbill valves exhibit a degree of elasticity that can offset the noise, the work does not produce noise; 3, the working principle of valve rubber seals duck mouth like organs, through the internal and external pressure can realize opening and closing, do not need other mechanical AIDS, can work independently; 4, to be more flexible duckbill valve, compressive ability is strong, so you can to minimize the water head, even 1 cm head can be open; 5, duckbill valve can solve the problem of previous check valve, and durable; 6, duckbill valve can be vertical or inclined installation according to the environment; 7, with smaller flexible rubber duck mouth valve to realize larger drain. parts manufacturer seal of 18 years, can be customized according to customer demand for the customer design the rubber seals valve, diaphragm, suction cups, a fixed seat, and so on all kinds of rubber seal valve pump, learn more consultation:.
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