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The development ability of seal products is manifested in three aspects

by:ORK      2022-10-24
1. For the design of the static sealing system, the seal products made of plant fibers and asbestos have been gradually cancelled, but the seals of chemical polymer materials have not been widely used in some liquid static sealing devices. At present, the domestic hydraulic rubber seals Seals and anaerobic rubber seals are relatively few domestic brands of seals that can be used in hydraulic mechanical seal systems, and the level of process manufacturing and quality stability are far from imported seals. Mechanical seals 2. For the shaft rotating dynamic sealing system, most of the ordinary standard oil seals are still used in the market. When the shaft rotating dynamic sealing equipment has pressure design requirements, the pressure level provided by the domestic pressure-resistant oil seals is in the 1 to 3 MPa, while imported seals can provide a pressure resistance level of 10 MPa, which is at least 3 times that of domestic products. For dynamic hydraulic pressure-resistant oil seals, they have not yet been obtained in mechanical shaft rotary sealing systems. universal application. 3. For the reciprocating motion sealing system of the hydraulic cylinder block, the vast majority of domestic construction hydraulic machinery on the market, the design of the main seal of the dynamic sealing system of the hydraulic cylinder block generally adopts the U-shaped sealing ring. In the construction hydraulic machinery after the 1990s, the design of the reciprocating dynamic sealing system of the hydraulic cylinder began to use a more complex composite design of U-ring and coaxial sealing components. At present, the relatively mature designs in the world include 5-piece combination ring, 4-piece combination ring, 3-piece combination ring, 2-piece combination ring, etc., which are applied to the support ring of the piston belt of the hydraulic cylinder block. It is relatively complicated, the domestic design and manufacturing capacity is not yet capable of mass production, and the quality level of the combined ring is still relatively poor.
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