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The development process of sealing technology

by:ORK      2022-11-11
Sealing technology has now become a specialized research field, and its importance in practical applications has become more and more obvious after years of development. As early as the 15th century, elastic materials were used for the water lifts of the time.“Seals”, this“Seals”It has been used until the Archimedes era around 1700, when a leather sealing gasket was added to the water lifter. Now this kind of leather seal is rare and only used in some special occasions. The industrial use of elastomeric materials to make seals began in the early 19th century. In 1856, a circular ring made of elastic material was used on steam engines, and a similar sealing technique was included in a French patent in 1886, and was also used in fluid pumps. Further research, development and application of such circular rings was done by Niels A Christensen, a Danish inventor and continuing manufacturer, who designed a hydraulic cylinder and a matching sealing system, which was disclosed in 1930 Published, the circle seal filed in 1933 won the grand prize in 1938. But in practice, this circular ring (i.e. O-ring) soon showed its limitations in dynamic sealing, resulting in a cross-sectional shape that was turned into a groove to prevent it from moving The research and development of seals. Parker is one of the first companies in the world to produce O ring manufactures and seals with cross-section shapes. As early as 1947, Parker passed the rigorous inspections of the American aviation industry and was approved to provide seals for it. Modern industry has put forward higher and higher requirements for seals, such as small size, high pressure resistance, excellent physical and chemical properties, etc., which has led to the evolution of seals whether it is rubber seals or other thermoplastic materials. , more professional types. According to the different working environments of seals, many materials with excellent physical properties have been developed, resulting in the production of many different types and materials of products.
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