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The development prospect of the sealing manufacturing industry improves the key technology of emerald green

by:ORK      2022-11-11
China's machinery development trends in several major high-end equipment manufacturing industries, such as basic weapons and equipment, power energy machinery and equipment, road transportation machinery and equipment, raw material machinery and equipment, modern agricultural machinery and equipment, environmental protection machinery, intelligent manufacturing technology and weapon equipment, and improve basic processing technology and related At the same time as scientific research on technology, it will also take micro-nano production technology as a breakthrough, implement the ecological civilization construction of intelligent manufacturing, expand and broaden the internal letter of service projects, and make the processing industry advanced. In order to integrate into China's machinery development plan, the development of companies in the hydraulic seal manufacturing industry of rubber and plastic products should pay attention to brand effect, protection awareness and standardization. Improve product research and development of independent patented commodities, and promote technological progress related to the manufacturing industry. Create a Chinese brand and promote advanced service items The sealing manufacturing industry is still dominated by general structural products with a large volume and a wide range at this stage, and there is a single aspect ratio. At the level of creating a well-known brand, there is no such thing as“Parker”,“Busak+Shamban”Such well-known well-known brands do not even have a national-level well-known trademark. Without a solid brand awareness, it is not easy for customers to distinguish the quality level of each company's products. Therefore, price is usually the key selection factor in the selection of the same industry, resulting in mutual pressure within the manufacturing industry, and the polarization of the profitable indoor space is becoming smaller and smaller. Use of intelligent manufacturing technology is the technical basis for the implementation of ISO14001; use green environmental protection design technology; use green energy to avoid or reduce harmful pollutant discharge; use environmentally friendly and energy-saving processing technology to improve the utilization rate of power energy; use high-precision forming processing technology , to improve the utilization rate of raw materials; non-toxic, low-toxic processing raw materials and processing technology to minimize harmful pollutants; low-vibration, low-noise, low-radiation processing technology weapons and equipment; waste recycling and reuse; tail end remediation, environmental protection standards. Standardized service system Standardized service system is the key component of the company's manufacturing, operation, and management methods. It is a prerequisite for the organization's contemporary social large-scale production, and a prerequisite for maintaining systematic manufacturing. It is beneficial to accelerate the research and development of new products and reduce production. The manufacturing cycle time can enable the company to save raw materials and energy consumption. It is the key to ensure stability and improve product quality. It is the basis for maintaining scientific research and intelligent management methods. It is an effective way for continuous improvement. The key countermeasures of management are beneficial to the establishment of information management systems, the use of information technology, and the maintenance of technological progress. Accelerate systematic and brand-oriented manufacturing Today, most of my country's rubber and plastic products sealing companies are really focusing on the current economic benefits. If it is necessary for customers, no matter the size of the business, no matter how much the profit is, you can do the work and do the business. They usually don't care much about the division of responsibilities, their own characteristics and expertise in the manufacturing industry. The natural environment of the manufacturing industry is the same as that of hundreds of factories, repeated at low altitudes, without highlighting the core competitiveness, and unable to generate the best economic benefits. It hinders the development trend of the company and the manufacturing industry, which is not conducive to the long-term development trend. Therefore, while looking for current economic benefits, companies should look around for a long time and speed up the maintenance of systematic and branded production. Improve the technical scientific research service platform The central government attaches great importance to and encourages the technical scientific research data platform. This is because all new technology applications that have achieved rapid development trends rely on the technical scientific research service platform to fully play a key role. This is still relatively weak in basic industries. my country's rubber and plastic products hydraulic seals have established the Standardization Committee and the Hydraulic Pneumatic Hydraulic Seals Industry Association, but have not established a national first-class rubber and plastic product sealing engineering design scientific research, development and design management center and technological innovation system, and lacks a technical service platform for the manufacturing industry. , so that many car manufacturers can not immediately find service support. In general, with the rapid development of my country's machinery in China, it is the development trend of the automotive industry and electronic device information industry. my country's rubber seals and plastic products hydraulic seal manufacturing industry has an irreplaceable practical significance and a broad development trend of the manufacturing industry. Internal letter. In the new international environment, the world's rubber and plastic products hydraulic seals and crafts production and manufacturing industrial bases will continue to migrate to my country. my country's rubber and plastic products hydraulic seal industry chain is about to usher in a period of leaping development trends, and will eventually make greater contributions to the development trend of my country's new industrialization.
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