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The development trend of rubber products for automobiles, oil seals and various O-rings

by:ORK      2022-10-18
parts for automobiles play a great role in anti-vibration, noise reduction, and improvement of vehicle driving stability and ride comfort. The amount of general-purpose rubber materials used in automobiles is relatively large. However, with the development of high-power and miniaturized engines in recent years, the ambient temperature around the engine has increased, and the requirements for exhaust control regulations have become more stringent. In addition, the use of alcohol-containing fuels has forced rubber The parts improve various properties such as heat resistance, cold resistance, oil resistance and aging resistance. Therefore, the amount of high-performance special synthetic rubber is increasing, and automobiles are the main market for these special synthetic rubbers. Therefore, the rubber species of automobile rubber will develop towards the special rubber with excellent performance. The improvement of rubber raw materials has improved the service life of rubber parts. At present, the service life of oil seals generally exceeds 250,000 kilometers, and the service life of fan belts is 100,000 kilometers. According to the research and analysis of the British Dunlop Company, in the future automobile industry, acrylate rubber has the most development prospect, and the amount of fluorine rubber, silicone rubber, EPDM rubber, chloroether rubber and polyurethane rubber is also increasing day by day. At present, the auto parts made of acrylic rubber seals mainly include engine oil seals, cylinder head gaskets, oil cooler hoses, exhaust hoses, gearboxes, oil seals and various O-rings. The fluorine rubber parts used in automobiles include water pump seals, valve stem seals, crankshaft rear oil seals, single valve diaphragms, rubber hoses and cylinder liner O ring manufactures, etc. It is expected that, in addition to the cylinder head gasket, all kinds of gaskets may eventually be made of silicone rubber. Oil seals and various O-rings have few varieties and specifications of special rubber for automobiles in my country, and the quality is unstable and the process performance is poor, which cannot meet the needs of rubber for automobiles, especially the rubber raw materials required for the localization of imported rubber products are lacking. Only rely on imports, and mainly need to import 7 kinds of rubber such as acrylate rubber, EPDM rubber, hydrogenated nitrile rubber, oil-resistant silicone rubber seals, butyl rubber, thermoplastic rubber and fluororubber. Oil seals and various O ring manufactures.
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