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by:ORK      2020-07-03
Silicone raw materials in order to meet the development requirements, on the green security environmental protection standards require higher and higher, the silicone raw materials must be what the FDA testing, etc and some ROSH report, etc. Ordinary silicone rubber seals and platinum silica gel on the market now believes that everybody is not strange, how do we difference between ordinary Shi Guijiao and platinum silicone these two products? 1, to distinguish from the molding process. Ordinary silica gel and platinum silicone is adopted different modulation of the catalyst, apart from ordinary silica gel, platinum silicone and medical grade and food grade silica gel. This is grading other, of course, is the highest level of medical grade silicone and food grade silica gel. Ordinary silicone products used is normal silicone material adopts the traditional curing agent processing, although the product non-toxic odorless and so on various aspects performance good; But ordinary silica gel products have a fatal weakness is as the growth of the time. If the product didn't maintain normal silica gel turning yellow or dark grain is going to happen. The platinum and food-grade silicone products won't appear such problems. Imported silicone raw materials, two-component moulding vulcanization machine made in the performance is better than ordinary silica gel a lot, such as in the case of long-term use of also won't happen the phenomenon such as yellow or dark grain. Recommended reading: 2 vulcanization silicone rubber products production process, to distinguish from the range of application. Ordinary silica gel is the most commonly used in environmental protection industrial supplies, accessories and car accessories, electrical accessories; And platinum silicone, medical grade and food grade silica gel is gf used in medical and health supplies, daily necessities, Such as silicone kitchenware, silicone gifts, etc. ) The security level of environmental protection industry in high demand. 3, distinguish from the surface and the use of performance. Ordinary silica gel is not said the performance effect on the market, for example. Temperature fan - 40 _ ~ 28° Use for a long time will not turn yellow, degradation; General ordinary silica gel in the silicone products manufacturer consider the vulcanization process on time and processing costs will not do well, so the smell of the ordinary silica gel is significant ( Recommended reading. True to remove silica gel products smell) ; Opaque surface sticky ash raw phenomenon exist at the same time, in all ordinary silica gel is far less than platinum and food-grade silicone product performance.
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