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by:ORK      2020-07-10
Automotive sealing strip is one of the important parts, widely used in door, window, car body, skylight, engine case and reserve ( Baggage) Box etc, with sound insulation, dust-proof, waterproof and damping function, keep and maintain the small environment inside the car, to play the car occupant, electrical and mechanical equipment and ancillary items of important protection. As a variety of automotive sealing strip, is how to classify? Seal for everybody to introduce below: 1, special function classification, some sealing strip has the function of electronic intelligence, such as the task of seals, etc. 2, according to the material variety classification, can be divided into the rubber sealing strip; Plastic sealing strip; Thermoplastic elastomer sealing strip. 3, classification by surface treatment status and part of the sealing surface through additional processing, can be divided into flocking class sealing strip; Surface coating sealing strip; There are fabric stick act the role of sealing strip. 4, according to the classification of rubber seals composite structure, can be divided into pure rubber sealing strip - - - - - - - Consists of a single analysing; Article 2 composite seal - - - - - - - Composed of dense rubber and foam rubber, often containing metal frame in the axis direction within the solid glue materials; Three compound sealing strip - - - - - - - By the two kinds of solid glue ( One of the light) And gelatin sponge, usually within the solid glue containing metal skeleton and reinforcing fiber. 5, according to the seal characteristics classification, can be divided into weather sealing strip ( 挡风雨条) And the general sealing strip ( 密封) 。 Among them, the weather sealing strip sponge foam with a hollow tube, have good temperature and humidity keeping function. Common weather sealing strip seals have doors, trunk seal, engine case cover, etc. Commonly used general sealing strip has wind before and after sealing strip and the Angle of window seal, inside and outside, etc. 6, according to the seal installation site ( Parts) The name of the category include: engine cover sealing strip ( 罩) , can divide again, circumference of front, side and rear door sealing strip ( 门密封) , before and after the wind window sealing strip ( 窗口的屏幕) The side window sealing strip ( 端windowsealing) , the skylight sealing strip ( 天窗密封) Head, door sealing strip ( 主门密封) Window, guide sealing strip ( glassrun频道) Article, inside and outside the Water cut) ( 腰围) , trunk sealing strip ( 干密封) , prevent noise sealing strip ( 反 噪音) Article, dustproof 反 灰尘) And so on. Seal is a collection of product design, mold design, processing, research and development of rubber formula, mixing and testing the integration of large-scale rubber seal products entity enterprise. 15 years in the field of automotive research and development, cooperation with many large auto companies, internal use automobile industry quality system, long-term efficient operation more than 10 years. The company introduces advanced intelligent production equipment and testing equipment, automatic batching system, mixer line, extrusion line, purifying workshop, fully automatic sorting equipment, automatic packaging machine, etc. Auto filter system, steering system, gas system, car inner decoration, such as the auto industry a full range of rubber series, series of extrusion foaming, special rubber series deep well oilfield has the strong development ability and unique physical and chemical properties and cost advantage.
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