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by:ORK      2020-07-09
Filter the service life of sealing ring and can meet the performance requirements, mainly determined by its quality, but the point is to use the method that cannot be ignored and performance is also have certain influence to the life, the seal is to introduce the filter seal how to install it. 1, first of all, to check whether the filter sealing ring qualified first, otherwise can't use; 2, when installing filter sealing ring when not in a state of distortion, distortion refers to seal occur along circumferential twist or & other Don't trouble & throughout; The phenomenon. Because the filter seal and the groove of the contact area is greater than the sliding friction contact area on the surface, and the filter seal ability to resist, Back to the detailed) Originally can prevent distortion. At the same time, the uniform distribution of pressure force and friction force still protect the sealing ring in the groove. Than, correct installation qing wares sealing ring is key to ensure the sealing effect of step; 3, when installation, filter the grease seal surface, increase lubricity on the one hand, on the other hand increases the sealing effect; 4, made by spray wax of rubber seals filter sealing ring, so reduce the friction within the assembly when the filter sealing groove, risk, improve the assembly and job security. 5, vehicle after a period of time, due to factors such as fibrillation winnowing, filter oil seal may loose oil leakage, the filter should be a tight tight. Seal 18 years sealing ring filter manufacturers, has a wealth of filter seal industry solutions, professional to provide clients with one-stop seal solution, seal: if there are any problems welcome counseling.
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