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The hazard of the structure of the raw material of the fluorosilicone sealing ring to its characteristics

by:ORK      2022-10-15
Fluorosilicone sealing ring is an annular cover composed of one or more parts, which is fixed on one ring or sealing ring of a rolling bearing and touches another ring or sealing ring or produces a narrow mystery gap to avoid lubrication Fat exposure and foreign body invasion. The fluorosilicone sealing ring is a sealing ring made of a prepolymer of vinyl chloride and hexafluoropropylene. Because of its excellent flame retardant grade, sealing performance, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, water washing resistance, flame retardancy, solvent resistance and weather resistance, fluorosilicone sealing ring is generally used in the shipbuilding industry, organic chemical process, aviation industry, etc. Aerospace is a business with many daily tasks. It is worth mentioning that the fluoropolyurethane elastomer hydraulic seal is the only one that can be used under the standard of high vacuum pump. Below 1.33*10-7pa, no other vulcanized rubber can be used for sealing. Fluorosilicone seals are prepolymers of vinyl chloride and hexafluoropropylene. According to its molecular formula and fluorine composition, the acid resistance and cold resistance of fluoropolyurethane elastomers are different. , weather resistance, air oxidation resistance, mineral oil resistance, light fuel oil resistance, gear oil resistance, alicyclic resistance and many solvents and organic chemicals. For general purpose models, the application temperature under the packing seal is preferably limited to the middle of about -26°C (-15°F) to 282°C (450°F). ℃, its useful life will be reduced. The most suitable temperature for dynamic sealing is close to -15°C to 280°C. The ultra-low temperature reaches -40°C.
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