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The importance of sealing materials in industry

by:ORK      2022-11-15
In some industrial processing, the market uses hydraulic transmission, which is the case for many machine tools, bulldozers and other machines with hydraulic pressure. When our machines are in use, due to too many repetitive actions, it is easy to cause mechanical failures, and most of these failures are caused by one place, which is the hydraulic sealing equipment that can lie mechanically. And such faults are not easy to find. Therefore, some veterans can always simply repair the fault. The cause of the fault is the severe wear of the cylinder piston sealing element. Let's take a good look at the sealing materials on these robotic arms. The following is an example to illustrate the basic phenomenon of such accidents and basic maintenance methods. We know that the sealing material will be continuously worn by metals, etc., resulting in sealing problems. For example, the semi-automatic lathe with a program-controlled hexagonal turret. When this machine is used, the failure phenomenon that the feed speed of the turret tool rest cannot be adjusted occurs, so that the machine cannot work. We started looking for the cause of the problem, and finding the cause solved it. First of all, we tested this kind of sealing material, because this is a very important part of the machine, and after dismantling and inspecting the oil cylinder, we found that the piston“O”The seal ring is seriously worn, what is going on? Let us explain the cause of the problem from a physical point of view. Analysis of the reasons, due to the continuous wear and tear of the sealing material, the sealing is not tight, and air leakage will occur, which will reduce the mechanical pressure, resulting in the reduction of Li. In theory, the pressure oil enters the cylinder When there is no rod cavity, a thrust force F is formed on the piston, which makes the piston tend to move to the rod cavity. Because the oil return to the rod cavity of the cylinder is shut off, the oil in the cavity quickly forms a back pressure, which makes the two ends of the piston stress. Balanced and stationary, at this time F has = F has no, and the oil pressure without cavity is different due to the different force area of ​​the piston, that is, P has>P no. Therefore, in this phenomenon, it is impossible to let the machinery work according to the quality and quantity, and the maintenance is very simple, just replace the appropriate sealing material. Company website: https://www.orksealing.com/
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