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by:ORK      2022-11-21
The important role of rubber seals seals in oil-to-gas is that the oil seal is in contact with the rotating shaft under a certain pressure with its extremely narrow sealing contact surface (less than 0.5mm) on its lip, and achieves no oil leakage under the action of liquid lubrication. , As an elastomer seal, the cross-sectional shape of the oil seal and the tightening spring make the lip have better tracking compensation performance to the shaft, so that a good sealing effect can be obtained with a small lip radial force. During the specific transformation of the seals, according to the assembly space, actual operating conditions and parameters of the original comb seal, different materials and different floating seal types are selected to ensure that each set of products designed and produced is 'tailor-made'. In order to solve the problems users most want to solve. Features of floating seal: 1. Resistance to medium: strong resistance to steam, oil and chemical. Medium performance, not easy to age; 2. Low expansion: within the operating temperature range, it can maintain dimensional stability even with a high temperature difference; 3. Self-lubricating: low friction coefficient and self-lubricating performance, even in dry conditions It will not hurt the shaft when grinding. Application fields of floating seal: special for dehumidifiers, mobile air conditioners, etc. FX type composite floating seal floating ring material is made of special composite material and scientific formula sintered, has the characteristics of light weight, wear resistance, temperature resistance, self-lubrication, etc. Dynamic seal. However, it is difficult to guarantee the mechanical stability in the host application. Although the industry has achieved a lot of development in recent years, these are far from meeting the needs of other industries for the standardization and serialization of various rubber sealing products, especially compared with international advanced countries. There is a considerable gap in quality, or in product variety. Previous:Regular maintenance of single hydraulic prop seals can be effective...
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